• 10 Creative Valentine’s Date Ideas

10 Creative Valentine’s Date Ideas

10 Creative Valentine’s Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you don’t have someone special to share it with, don’t fuss because February 14th can be celebrated with your best girl friends, your sisters, or anyone who is lucky enough to be loved by you. More so than a day for couples, Valentine’s is a day of expressing and celebrating love. Although it can get quite overrated, maybe this time, instead of having a simple dinner date at home or having an extravagant and expensive romantic table setting, why don’t you set the bar just right and welcome in the month of love with these fun-filled, creative, and sweet gestures:

  1. Take your pens off your pencil case and agree to make a sweet list of the reasons you and your loved one love each other and how grateful you are to have him/her in your life. Not only does this let you pardon his/her shortcomings but it also makes you fall in love with each other all over again -- and perhaps, maybe even stronger and much deeper.
  2. Go on a simple, heartfelt walk together in the village and for every flower she admires, pick it off and attach a sticky note of things to do for a future date she would enjoy like watching the musical Wicked or going to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark. Offer the array of flowers you’ve collected to your S.O. and let him/her choose a flower whenever you want to go on a creative date!
  3. Bring your tote bag with you and attend a painting class together, show off your artistic sides and create something that best reminds you of each other. At the end of it, you’ll have a wonderful token of each other too!
  4. After your sweet home-cooked dinner, go wine tasting for a fun-filled yet fancy and romantic adventure.
  5. Visit the local library and walk to the book of poems section. Read each other love poems and letters that make you giddy. Yup, it’s a Carrie and Big reference! Oh, the simple joys...
  6. Reminiscent of how your relationship all started? Recreate your first date -- whether that may be watching the movie you first watched together, booking a table at the same restaurant where he asked you to be his girlfriend, or visiting the place where you had your first kiss.
  7. Pack your foldable backpacks and go on an overnight camping trip to the mountains or the beach. Eitherway, zone off from social media, reconnect with each other, and sleep under the stars.
  8. Bring your notebook and organizers with you, enroll yourselves in a cooking class, and learn how to make that six-course gourmet meal you’ve been wanting to try.
  9. Share some love to your furry friends and volunteer to walk or play with the pets at the nearby shelter. If you can’t resist their cuteness, adopt the dog if you wish! What better way to commemorate the day of love than with a furball to come home to.
  10. Become local tourists for the day. Grab your cameras (attached to its Punchdrunk Panda strap , of course) and multi-way backpacks and visit fancy streets, famous landmarks, art museums, and quaint coffee shops in a fascinating city.




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