• {2 Weeks to Go} NEW Organizer Collection!
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{2 Weeks to Go} NEW Organizer Collection!

Punchdrunk Panda Organizer

2 more weeks of Early Bird rates! NEW Punchdrunk Panda Organizers. The Punchdrunk Panda Organizer is designed to help you stay super organized and keep all of your supplies all in one place!

EXCLUSIVE PRE-SELLING OFFER: save as much as P700!

  • Get 15% off on retail selling price (P1,145) and save P170 on your purchase
  • For every early bird purchase of our organizer, we will give you a FREE tablet (iPad mini case) cover
  • On top of that, you also get first dibs on our newest creation - now, this is priceless

Punchdrunk Panda Organizer 2


  • Dimensions: 9.8" (W) x 14.0" (H) x 2.0" (D); you can fit a long bond paper, your tablet and a lot more!
  • Aside from keeping your documents safe & secure, the fabric that we used is water-resistant (i.e. okay to get rained on but please do not swim with this)
  • Pockets in front, inside, and zipped pocket at the back
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the Philippines

To qualify, you will need to purchase and complete payment on or before March 18, FRI. Our 3-day reservation period holds. 


  1. When will you ship my order? Start ship will be on or before March 28, MON
  2. What is the coupon code? EARLYBIRD15 (enter upon checkout)
  3. What if I don't like what I get? Awww... we offer 30-day Return & Exchange on all purchases in our website. If you absolutely hate the product, we will refund you the full amount to your bank account. We do hope you love it though :)
  4. Are these digital images? No they're not anymore. We're very excited to share these photos... hot off the press! Click on the products for more photos.
  5. What are all the features of the organizer? You can refer to the product pages for the details
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