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A Creative Mess #8 - Weekly Dose of Design Trends

Messy Box

Happy Mail & Messy Box Unboxing: March

A Beautiful Mess shares this month's Happy Mail. They have some very exciting boxes, with pastel-y and spring-y vibes. If Punchdrunk Panda were to do a subscription model, what would you want it to be? :)

Wearable Graphic

Wearable Graphic

There’s an accessory trend out there for those of us who love graphic design and fashion…lapel pins! Except, you don’t have to wear these on any lapels. Pin them to your backpack, jean jacket or t-shirt.


10 Exercises To Fuel Creative Thinking

Rarely do brilliant ideas appear out of the blue. In his new book How to Have Great Ideas: A Guide to Creative Thinking (Laurence King, 2016), John Ingledew—a photographer and visiting professor at the London School of Film, Media, and Design at the University of West London—shares 53 strategies to help readers on their next breakthrough. Here are 10 tips to help with your next big breakthrough.


Microsoft's New Video Honors Badass, Underappreciated Women Inventors

Nikola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein: These are some of the names school-age girls came up with when Microsoft asked them to name inventors for a new video in honor of International Women's Day. But when asked to name female inventors, the girls couldn't come up with a single woman.

Scott Kelly

Beautiful Space Pictures Taken by Astronaut Scott Kelly

Last Wednesday, American astronaut Scott Kelly, with Russian astronaut Mikhaïl Kornienko, came back on Earth after his mission A Year in Space. Their capsule landed in Kazakhstan. During the whole year he spent in the cosmos, Scott Kelly captured amazing pictures of our galaxy and Earth.

Google Music Lab: Interactive Toys That Visualize The Science Of Sound

Although music is a universal language, composing it is not. In other words, while almost everyone enjoys music, comparatively few people actually understand it. Google's latest experiment wants to help change that. Check out the Chrome Music Lab, an online toy box that helps explain the science and terminology of music in a way that anyone can understand. Read More 

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