• A Creative Mess #13 - Weekly Dose of Design Trends
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A Creative Mess #13 - Weekly Dose of Design Trends

Everest x Snapchat


We’ll be sharing a raw inside look at what it takes to prepare for an expedition like this from our perspectives as well as from our Sherpa teammates and our expedition doctor, all of whom play a crucial role on our team. Once we’re on the mountain, with the help of new satellite technology, we’ll be able to keep you updated in real time, and if all goes as planned, from the top of the world itself. Everest has seen tragedy and controversy grow over the years and with this expedition, we hope to raise awareness and funds to directly impact local communities still devastated by the earthquake and lead the way in sustaining this mountain for both the people of her slopes, and those that dream about reaching her peak. This is truly #EverestNoFilter.


Domino’s Clever New Pizza Boxes Are Designed For Sharing (On Instagram)

Domino's is booming internationally, and has regularly invested in new ideas since turning around its business in 2010. The latest development? Directly translating the company's logo, which features one red and one blue domino, into two pizza boxes that are literally one red and one blue domino for Domino’s U.K.


Coca-Cola Unifies Its Brand Worldwide With New Design Language

"One Brand" unification strategy - it’s Coke’s new packaging. Now Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, and Coke Life will share a single branded aesthetic around the world, unified by a red disc, and advertised together in a new wave of shared commercials.


This Pea-Based Milk Is Healthier Than Almond Milk, And Actually Tastes Almost Like Milk

From one of the founders of Method comes Ripple, a nondairy milk that won't quite fool you into thinking it comes from cows—but is far better for the planet than the milk that does.

Sally Nixon

Nice Illustrations Celebrating Women’s Friendship & Daily Life

American illustrator Sally Nixon loves drawing girls because she finds them pretty and because they’re subjects to which it’s easy to add some depth, a style and nuances to reflect a personality. Sally exposes to the big light the secrets of women’s daily life and feminine friendship through little squares life scenes.

Olsen Twins

"The Olsen Twins Hiding From the Paparazzi"

Exhibition in NYC: The Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan 1994 Museum curates a darkly funny art show in an abandoned doctor's office.

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