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[Founder's Blog] Foldable Backpack Behind-the-Scenes

Behind the Scenes - Foldable Backpack

I've started working on this since January this year and now that this is coming to fruition, it seems like it was just yesterday when I visited the manufacturer and tried out the first prototype. It doesn't typically take 6 months from conceptualization to production but some projects took priority (i.e. launch of organizers and new passport wallet designs).

I then took this opportunity to test our the products for about 3 months. Pretty much using this bag as my gym bag, I was able to spot the first kink: the zipper is a bit weak - to address in the 2nd prototype. Months of dragging this bag with me during the coldest and wetest months in London, I'm happy to say that the bag still looks good as new. I'm glad that the material we used is waterproof!

While thinking of the design, although it's nice to have a printed pattern on the entire bag, the response I received from the survey convinced me to come up with a (fine), simpler design. Thus, the one odd design (by yours truly) that mixes a geometric pattern and watercolour graphics. 

Mock-Up Foldable Backpack

Eventually, I'm looking into classic plain exteriors and printed interiors... but that will be phase 2, if and when the launch of this foldable backpack is successful.

So where are we now with the launch? Well, it's really coming very soon. I'm just waiting for the final sample prototype to make sure that the assembly does justice to the design. Once I've given approval to all the same prototypes, I'll then commence mass print product and assembly.

More behind the scenes (BTS) to come! 


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