• 3 Tips For Traveling On a Budget
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3 Tips For Traveling On a Budget

Traveling on a Budget

Travel has become one of life's greatest pleasures made more accessible with discounted airfares and cheaper accommodations. Traveling on a tight budget is now seen as a badge to brag about on social media, and as an ideal plan to save up on more travel experiences in the future. Limiting overall expenses is not as stress inducing as it may appear with these 3 simple tips:

Veer away from hotel accommodations. While hotels may offer the "complete package," you would be paying too much just for a place to sleep in at night. You can get the same basic services you'll need for your trip through a less expensive alternative: couch surfing.

Visit free places. Do prior research on places to visit at your destination and filter them out until you have a list of free and cheap to-do's. Don't settle for famous tourist spots unless they really are spectacular. You'll be surprised that some of the lesser known parks, museums, and activities are actually much better than those you would read about on blogs and travel guides.

Plan ahead. Preparing a comprehensive itinerary helps in forecasting expenses, from daily public transit tickets to meals. By knowing what to expect from your trip, you can easily monitor and control your cash on hand. And although it takes more time and work, planning everything down to the last detail will cost much less than spontaneous traveling.

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