• 5 Steps to Style Your Travel Journal
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5 Steps to Style Your Travel Journal

5 Steps to Style Your Travel Journal

What better way to document your travels than through your very own travel journal? There are limitless possibilities to style your travel journal, and it’s the perfect avenue for you to express yourself creatively while you collect and collate your memories. Here are some journaling tips you could use:

1) Keep and display random mementos from where you’ve been. These could be train tickets, drink coasters, receipts, and leaves. Ordinary items, but when stumbled upon months or years after, will bring back memories you wouldn’t have remembered without them.

2) Print wallet-sized photos from your phone or camera. Print them out, instead of allowing them to take up space on your phones and memory cards! Bonus tip, if you’re feeling more artsy: edit your best photos and layer them with text so they would look like postcards you could insert in your journal.

3) Fill it with drawings. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a great artist. There are some things you may have not been able to take photos of but would want to recall in the future, so bring out your weapon of choice and sketch!

4) Write, write, write! Describe the places, the people, the sights and sounds, the overall experience. Be as vivid as possible; don’t skimp on the details! It’s better to write as you go, but if you want your written anecdotes to look perfect on your journal, jot down your experience on a separate piece of paper you’ll just copy from once you’ve settled.

5) Design the cover. If your journal already has a nice cover or is leather-bound, then great! But if you just grabbed a random notebook that you wouldn’t recognize as one for travel off the bat, then grab some materials and decorative papers! Express yourself in any way you want on the cover you’ll be designing. First impressions are everything, after all.

Enjoy journaling!

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