• {Product Launch} 4 New Duffle Bag Designs
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{Product Launch} 4 New Duffle Bag Designs

We're happy to announce the launch of 4 more designs under our DUFFLE BAG collection! We're opening up these new designs for orders now; however, we will start shipping these designs on or before December 14. Please expected 1-3 days delivery time.

    Donuts by Nathania Gail Go // Sweeten your life with these pastel coloured donuts & sprinkles.

    Inky Kisses by Alessandra Lanot // Watercolored lips & neon kisses

    Mimosa by Soleil Ignacio // Combining feminine and masculine elements like soft colors and bold, rough textures. 

    Wander On by Christine Herrin // Off to your next big adventure? Whether you're off to Germany (or the gym!), stash all your essentials into this fun duffle that's sure to ignite your wanderlust!

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