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  • {Spotlight} Christine Herrin for Punchdrunk Panda
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{Spotlight} Christine Herrin for Punchdrunk Panda

At Punchdrunk Panda (PdP), we have the pleasure to work with various artists. We are proud to say that our products are made by talented Filipino designers and by Filipino craftsmen and women. 

 Photography by Raniel Hernandez // Design: Wander On (Blue)

Off to your next big adventure? Whether you're off to Germany (or the gym!), stash all your essentials into this fun duffle that's sure to ignite your wanderlust!

For this feature, we would like to talk about how we got involved with Christine Herrin (or CH), the newest member of our design community. Currently, CH is a freelance designer and letterer doing community things at Hi (a wonderful writing / storytelling community online). She is also designing things at Albertson Design, a design studio in San Francisco, and running Life Documented Manila, a scrapbooking business / community. 

Gail, the co-founder of Punchdrunk Panda, personally knows CH from high school (ICA) and went to the same university (ADMU) as her. She always knew CH as someone who loves scrapbooking and really had the talent for it. 

One day, when Gail was randomly browsing (or also stalking) people in Instagram, she stumbled upon this post from CH and immediately emailed CH to inquire if she would like to collaborate with Punchdrunk Panda. It was timely that PdP was looking to add more design to its newest duffle bag collection.

(c) CH's Instagram Account

The brief to CH was very simple, "Your personal style. You can use your scribbles, like the image above." Most of the time, we at Punchdrunk Panda give our artists the freedom to just express themselves. The reason why we collaborate with them is simple - we like their personal style and are personal fans of their work too.

For CH's design, Wander On, she actually first submitted a brown combination (see Wander On Brown or part of the artwork below) and for some reason, both CH and Gail weren't too sure with how digital prototype turned out. They liked it but they weren't sure if they loved it yet.

And that's how CH came up with the Wander On Blue design. Both of them fell in love with it the moment the digital prototype was completed.

PdP ended up launching both designs since the public survey, that was held back in October, showed equal desire both designs. For us, it was really an easy decision to make. We were fans of both combos anyway.

The Wander On design showcases CH love for traveling. Believe it or not, her design is inspired by her personal travels / adventures. If CH is not busy juggling multiple jobs, she's often daydreaming about her next impromptu adventure.

Mind sharing your adventure?

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