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{Spotlight} Soleil Ignacio for Punchdrunk Panda

At Punchdrunk Panda (PdP), we have the pleasure to work with various artists. We are proud to say that our products are made by talented Filipino designers and by Filipino craftsmen and women. 

 Photography by Raniel Hernandez // Design: Mimosa

The design exemplifies Soleil's personal exploration of new styles and techniques. Combining feminine and masculine elements like soft colors and bold, rough textures. 

For this feature, we would like to talk about how we got involved with Soleil IgnacioSoleil is a fashion & beauty illustrator from Manila, Philippines. She loves drawing portraits of women with piercing gazes and fluid tresses. 

She graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication and has worked as an Art Director for a local art/fashion/lifestyle magazine. In 2011, she ventured out on her own as a freelance illustrator and exhibiting artist.

Gail, the co-founder of Punchdrunk Panda, is always on a look out for aspiring Filipino artists be it in graphic design, calligraphy, or illustration. It goes without saying that Soleil's talents didn't go unnoticed. Prior to the Mimosa Duffle Bag, Gail has collaborated with Soleil on a camera strap design, Seashore Sun Daze (currently SOLD OUT!), for Punchdrunk Panda as well. 

After the launch of Soleil's camera strap design, it took over 2 years for Gail reached out to Soleil again for another collaboration. It wasn't because Gail didn't think her designs were great but because Gail was waiting for an idea that would showcase Soleil's talents.

Gail then stumbled upon these designs (left from Soleil's Instagram and right from a branded purse). Immediately, Gail was inspired to launch a duffle bag design with a similar treatment.

Without a doubt, Soleil was the perfect artist for this. See some of her works below:

(c) Soleil's Instagram Account

Similar to our brief to CH, we asked Soleil to express her personal style. We also asked if she could design something that would work well with a black washed nylon canvas as the base for the bag. This was her final output.

Beauty! (c) Punchdrunk Panda Inc

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