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{Spotlight} Gail Go for Punchdrunk Panda

At Punchdrunk Panda (PdP), we have the pleasure to work with various artists. We are proud to say that our products are made by talented Filipino designers and by Filipino craftsmen and women. 

 Photography by Raniel Hernandez // Design: Donuts

~Sweeten your life with these pastel colored donuts & sprinkles.~

For this feature, we would like to talk about Gail, the co-founder herself, and how she ended up with this Donuts design. But first, a little intro about her.

A few (simple) things that Gail enjoy in life are chick-flick movies, koreanovelas, white cheddar popcorn, peanut butter, and nuts. She rarely sleeps and has panda eyes (this is not why the business is called Punchdrunk Panda).

She used to manage the business back in the Philippines but about 4 years ago, she moved to Canada to pursue graduate studies and a career in marketing. Currently, Gail is based in London, UK - trying her luck again in building a marketing career in Europe.

Gail co-founded Punchdrunk Panda with her friend, Jen Horn (founder of Muni PH) with the desire to rid the world from boring items. They stared with funkifying laptop sleeves and this idea eventually trickled down to other products on which graphic designs aren't conventionally applied onto - bags, tech gear, and travel accessories.  

Gail would honestly say that she's not a professional graphic designer. Unlike the rest of the PdP artists, she has never and is not working in a graphic design field... but once in a while, Gail likes to pick-up her pen and start drawing and imagining patterns that could be applied to any PdP product.

Until now, she's still dumbfounded that there are people who actually purchase her design. 

"It's really humbling because sometimes, even I won't purchase my designs! haha *kidding* But in all seriousness, having the opportunity to design something and have some stranger appreciate it is a very humbling experience. I'm thankful that PdP provides me with that opportunity."

Most of her inspiration really come from anything kawaii (cute). This goes without saying that her designs are more suitable for kids (haha!). Here are some of her designs:

Gail's Donuts design was inspired by just an image of pastel coloured donuts that she craved for. She initially wanted to create a Donuts & Sprinkles design for a scarf project that she wanted to commercialize for PdP but unfortunately, that didn't come into fruition.

As ironic as it sounds and with just a few tweaks, Gail decided to just launch this design on a gym bag. Maybe people will be inspired to go to the gym so that they can eat donuts? :) 

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