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Travel Blog Recommendations for your Summer Getaway!

Summer is fast approaching. Although I live in the part of the world where Summer doesn't start until June/July, I wanted to share of the blogs and instagram accounts that could inspire you in your next travel adventure.



What I love // I am a sucker for active-style traveling. I always tell myself that while I still have the physical strength to conquer mountains, I will summit as many mountains as I can. Being in the country side or a remote part of a world clears my mind and makes me realize how wonderful the world is. In layman's term, it makes me laugh whenever I think about the time when stressed out about a little thing at work. Really, there's more to life than the 4 corners of my cubicle.

Although I've done "expeditions" on my own such as cycling in the French Pyrenees, Hiking in Machu Pichu and Patagonia, and camping at the Everest Base Camp, I look as Sidetracked and feel that there's much more I need to do. 

For the serious explorer, this blog has it all - from reviews on adventure gear to advice on surviving the wilderness. Did I mention they also have sick photos?

Link // website



What I love // On the other side of the spectrum, I also rely on city blogs to help me with my city discoveries. I feel blessed that I have had the chance to live in 2 cities (Manila and Toronto) and now living in London. Moving cities is not easy but it was something I was mentally and emotionally prepared for. In any case, there are only so many places that I can discover on my own and most of the times, I turn to city blogs for inspiration.

Links // website, instagram



What I love // I am sometimes a victim of squeezing too many things into my vacation. Although I do not recommend it to anyone, admittedly, we only have limited number of leaves and money to discover the world.

12HR squeeze's a week's worth of discovery into an experience-it-all extravaganza - from boutiques to art galleries to (of course) restaurants. Warning, they don't have the best website so make sure you visit their blog before you start your 12-hr journey.

Links // website



What I love // Though her posts are infrequent, I assure you their worth the wait. I actually recently discovered this blog by Hannah Reyes, a Filipino photographer and a Nat Geo Young Explore (I am green with envy). Rare do I see photos with so much depth but Hannah just perfectly captures with moments with her lens. 

Photos like hers don't need a lot of words. They speak of themselves.

Links // website, instagram


Anyway, here are 4 for now. I will share more discoveries in the coming weeks. :) 

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L-R: Mimosa, Inky Kisses, Wander On, Brighter Days, 7107 Islands, Monsters

xoxo, Gail (co-founder)

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