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  • {PR} Laureen Uy shows off her 'After Shoot Look'
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{PR} Laureen Uy shows off her 'After Shoot Look'

Laureen Uy of Break My Style shows off her after shoot look by featured a Punchdrunk Panda Donuts Duffle Bag and an Inky Kisses Passport Wallet.

We know that not everyone is a celebrity like Laureen but you don't need to be one to carry our products. Our duffle bags are very handy and versatile. Whether your off for a mini-vacation or the gym, Punchdrunk Panda bags are big enough to hold a LOT of items but light enough to be carried around every where. On another note, our passport wallets are also very functional with multiple pockets to hold your passport, credit cards, boarding passes, receipts, and cash. 

Both our duffle bags and passport wallets are available in a wide range of design and colour options.

Duffle Bag: Donuts by Nathania Gail Go // Passport Wallet: Inky Kisses by Alessa Lanot // Photo (c) Laureen Uy


Laureen is a fashion blogger from the Philippines. She is an inspiration to many for her dashing and daring fashion combinations, and her equally endearing personality.

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