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Summer Getaway, Anyone?

Photo (c) Camille Co // Design: Mimosa Duffle Bag

Blogger and fashion designer, Camille Co, shares her Easter Getaway to her followers. No matter how busy your schedule gets, there's always an opportunity to squeeze in some R&R.

"It seems like everyone is going on trips these days, myself included. For Holy Week for example, I went on a staycation in Tagaytay with my family. As soon as I finished my shoot and meetings last Holy Wednesday, I grabbed my medium-sized duffle bag from Punchdrunk Panda plus a bottle of Coca-Cola that’s chilled to perfection and off I went. It was just a quick out of town getaway. Everyone’s been super busy, it’s the only thing we could squeeze into our schedules."

In Camille's blog, she also shares a list of fun things she would like to do this summer. 

What are your summer getaway plans? Do share. :) 

P.S. Good news! Mimosa Duffle Bags are back in stock with some improvements. We'll post new photos soon but we're sure that you'll love it!

Photo (c) Camille Co // Product Featured: Mimosa Passport Wallet and Duffle Bag

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