Punchdrunk Panda at DTLA


  • Punchdrunk Panda at DTLA
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Punchdrunk Panda at DTLA

Photo (c) Feral Creature // Design: Land Camera Strap

Do you sometimes feel that you are a stranger in your own city or country? I do. I am now living in my 4th city (3rd country) and whenever I meet tourists or backpackers, I end up regretting not exploring my city and country more. 

I know the reason why. I always take for granted that "that place will always be there" until it's time for me to pack up my bags and missing all these hole-in-the-walls.

I've been to Los Angeles about 5 times and for someone who lived in Manila, Toronto, and (now) London... that's a lot. Believe it or not, I have never traversed Downtown LA (DTLA). Typically, my visits to LA involve a family reunion or attendance to a wedding.

In my last stop at LA, I was planning to spend a long layover (10+ hours) by taking a bus to downtown LA with my hiking bag.  To my surprise, friends who I've confided this to highly discouraged me to do so. Couple of reasons (1) it was US Thanksgiving so everything will be closed and (2) I may be underestimating the challenges of public transit in LA. 

In any case, I'm glad that Eugenie of Feral Creature has taken her PdP Camera Strap to DTLA. Read all about her experience and view her photos from her blog

Photo (c) Feral Creature


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