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Punchdrunk Panda Travels: Packing Tips for Cam Sur

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More and more people have been discovering the beauty of Camarines Sur (you need to see it for yourself!). With all of the exciting things to do in this province of the Philippines, it’s no surprise that it is attracting more attention—and more travelers too! You can wakeboard at the CamSur Water Complex, visit the islands of Caramoan, take a historic tour of Naga or take a van or bus to gaze in awe at the majestic Mount Mayon.

If you've done your research, we're sure that you're raring to add CamSur to your travel bucket list. And you should! To get you started, we’ve gathered a few packing tips to help you fill your Punchdrunk Panda bag with essential items for your tropical trip to Camarines Sur. Now get out there and explore!

Create an itinerary and bring a map.

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Before you jet off to CamSur, you should have an idea of where you want to go and what exactly you want to do. There are so many places to visit and so many things to do in this beautiful spot, so you will need to be well prepared for anything and you'll likely have to prioritize your top spots too! Do you want to try watersports? Do you want to go island hopping? Do a bit of research on the activities in the area and create a plan. Having an itinerary not only helps you maximize your experience in the province but also helps you manage your time and budget. Plus, a quick Google search will lead you to more tips from fellow travelers.

Pack light and comfortable clothes.
Pack light and comfortable clothes

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Pack light (if you can!) and bring clothes that are comfortable enough for extended wear. Include things like tank tops or dry-fit shirts, as well as a light absorbent towel. It’s best to wear something breezy and cool during your vacation so those extra layers of fabrics don’t hold you back from participating in activities like beach volleyball or hiking. If you're coming from a colder climate, this is especially important. Make sure you check which season you're traveling in to match your wardrobe to the weather—June to September is the wet season!

Wear comfortable shoes.

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If your itinerary includes a lot of walking or hiking (which it should), remember to pack comfortable shoes. If you’re visiting CamSur’s beautiful beaches, throw a pair flip-flops or slip-ons in your bag, or maybe even a pair of aqua shoes or sandals with straps. If you’re going hiking, make sure you have the appropriate footwear to not only avoid accidents—flip flops can be tricky on nature trails—but also to avoid aching feet at the end of the day. It's a vacation, you do want to relax after all.

Bring an oversized scarf or a sarong.Photo credit: Maciej Serafinowicz

In the spirit of packing light, a scarf or a sarong is also a must-have when traveling because of its multiple functions. You can use it as an accessory, a blanket, a beach cover up and a mat—really the options are endless. In a variety of pretty patterns, these are also great to wrap things in, like your tablet, before stuffing them into your bag.

Bring sunscreen and sunglasses.

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Whether you’re planning to go traipsing around Naga City, wakeboarding, island hopping or beach camping, it doesn’t matter—you’re going to need sun protection! Whip out those sunglasses, layer on the sunblock and enjoy your vacation without worrying about being sunburnt when you get back.

Tuck away some extra cash for local handcrafted finds and souvenirs.

Mimosa Passport Wallet

Set aside some cash in your bag or Passport Wallet in case you find local products that you just can’t resist. CamSur has a thriving craft industry and you can find all sorts of cool and interesting items in shops and even from roadside sellers. One way of showing your appreciation for the province is by supporting the local industry. Buying handmade products and souvenirs is a big help to the community and they're great reminders of your awesome trip too.

Pack a waterproof bag or a dry bag for your camera, phone, and other essentials.

Photo credit: Overboard Philippines

Well, this one’s self-explanatory. If you’re going someplace where you’re bound to get splashed with salt or fresh water, be prepared. Keep your gadgets and money safe and dry inside a small waterproof bag.

There you go! Just add your favorite travel buddies and you’re all set to explore Camarines Sur with your Punchdrunk Panda duffel bag in tow.

Do you have any packing tips for a trip to CamSur? Show us what you got in the comments below!

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