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Best Places to Take Your Punchdrunk Panda Bag

Punchdrunk Panda bags are not only fun, featuring exclusive and unique designs, but they are quite flexible too! Each one is designed to be your go-to bag for all your favorite activities—whether you love yoga or going on spontaneous day trips. With their unique designs, our bags add a hint of quirkiness to your everyday look and you can use them in various ways—as your everyday bag, school bag, overnight bag and more.

Here is a rundown of the top places you should take your Punchdrunk Panda Bag.

Sweating it out at the gym or yoga class.

Your Punchdrunk Panda duffel bag is a great workout companion, especially with all of the handy pockets for your shoes and water bottle. Just chuck your clothes, towel and water bottle in your bag and you’re ready for downward dog!

Enjoying a weekend getaway with a special someone or friends.

Photo credit: Paul Proshin

Grab your favorite Punchdrunk Panda bag for a road trip with your partner or your friends. Pack light, put a few bags of munchies in your bag and get ready to have an awesome weekend. Don’t forget to take lots of photos to record all the memories!

Shopping til you drop in Bangkok

Photo credit: Kaboompics

Why not take your Punchdrunk Panda bag to one of the biggest shopping hubs in Asia? Our duffel bag is the perfect shopping accessory while going around the shopping markets of Bangkok. You can stuff your bazaar finds inside the bag and keep your hands free to browse through more goodies.

Indulging your inner child at a theme park.

Photo credit: Jeffrey BettsCC0

Round up your pals and treat your inner child to a fun-filled day at your favorite theme park. Your two-way Punchdrunk Panda backpack is the perfect bag to hold your stuff while you enjoy the rides and games—and treats!

Amping up your photography skills on a photo excursion.

Head to a local park or to a historic landmark and embark on a photo scavenger hunt. Secure your camera on one of our camera straps, store extra batteries and memory cards in your Punchdrunk Panda backpack and get ready for a day of discovery!

Museum hopping in New York City.

Photo credit: Andrew Ruiz

The Big Apple is full of excitement—from its dynamic culture to its grand museums. Your artistic Punchdrunk Panda bag will fit right in as you immerse yourself in paintings or sculptures at the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Guggenheim.

Relaxing at an overnight stay at your favorite B&B

Photo credit: Carli Jean

Sometimes you just need to stay in for a night at your favorite Bed & Breakfast to unwind and recharge. Pack a change of clothes, your favorite book, your music player and maybe something to watch Netflix on. Throw these goodies (and maybe some actual goodies too) into your Punchdrunk Panda bag and enjoy some well-earned quality time with yourself.

Exploring the Mission District in San Francisco.

Photo credit: Michael Hirsch

San Francisco has more to offer than just the Golden Gate Bridge—it is also known for its diverse culinary and art scenes. Your Punchdrunk Panda bag can hold all your takeaways as you sample the delicious food in one of San Francisco’s interesting neighborhoods, the Mission District. Looking to load up on souvenirs and local art? Stop by the Embarcadero after you've gotten your fill of San Fran treats.

Sure, these are some pretty fun places to take your Punchdrunk Panda bag, but we know there are tons more. After all, we designed these bags to go anywhere with you!

Where do you take your Punchdrunk Panda Bag?

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