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Express Yourself with Graphic Prints

Pictured in photo: Punchdrunk Panda Mimosa Duffle Bag

Sometimes you wear clothes of a certain color to match our mood—that yellow skirt when you’re feeling happy or that midnight shade of blue when you’re feeling cool and casual. Other times, it takes a combination of colors to express your exact mood or outlook. And if you're feeling a bit bold, you most likely go for fun and striking graphic prints!

Graphic prints are visually interesting and definitely eye-catching. More importantly, they are a great way to show off your personality or express your style and mood. Depending on the kind of graphic print you choose, you can come off as modern and edgy, cool and artistic, soft and romantic or dark and mysterious.

Aside from showing people that you’re not afraid to go for bold looks, graphic prints can also be a great way to give people a hint of who you are or what you like. For example, an "X-Men" inspired pair of leggings may say you’re a fan of anime or comic culture. Wearing a graphic tee with a "Lord of the Rings" print can make people wonder just how big of a fantasy lover you are! Even a graphic tee with a print depicting your favorite band can clue people in on the kind of music that you’re into. These prints can show that you love art and supporting local artists as well—serving as a conversation piece, you might teach a passerby about an up and coming art star to watch.

Photo credit: Threadless / Comics212

Though we usually think of graphic tees, you don’t have to limit yourself to just wearing these fun prints. They can be used in your accessories, bags and even in your home or office decor to show off your style. For example, you can use our Punchdrunk Panda Wander On Duffle Bag with any outfit to express your love for travel and adventure! Or think about adding a funky print above your desk to inspire you throughout the day and add some flare to your otherwise boring cubicle.

Photo credit: George Yanakiev via Stocksnap.io

Furthermore, a nice graphic print on your wall at home or a graphic print coffee mug on your office desk can showcase your personality—including your love and appreciation for art and design. These types of prints are easy to switch up too, so you can constantly change your space to best reflect how you're feeling.

There are plenty of reasons why graphic prints are an awesome way to express yourself, but the bottom line is that they can simply make you feel free to be YOU! Also, the good thing about them is that there are no rules—you can simply implement a print whenever feels right, wherever you'd like. Add them to your everyday look just because you feel like it or just because you like the print. Why not, right?

What are your thoughts on graphic prints? How do you incorporate them into your looks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

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