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11 Back to School Essentials to Pack this Year

Punchdrunk Panda Backpack Collection

Our new backpack collection is here! And it’s just in time for the start of school, too. We know that getting ready for a new semester or school year can be exciting—there’s just something about the anticipation of new classes and new classmates that makes you giddy with positive energy. We want to bring that positivity up a notch by helping you pack your Punchdrunk Panda backpack! Here are a few things to pack for school to ensure you're ready for another great year.

Wallet with your ID, money, and train passes.

Monster Passport Wallet

This is kind of a no-brainer since this essential group of items should be in your bag every time you step out of the house—for school or otherwise. As with any other day, your wallet with your money, IDs and train passes should be tucked safely inside your school bag. It helps if you have a wallet or passport holder that can keep all your essentials tucked away safely too.

Your keys.

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Well, this is another given. Of course you need your keys in your bag when you go to school! You can try keeping all your keys—house, car, and locker keys—together on one key chain so you won’t bring one without the others. Grab a funky key chain and add your keys, but be sure to beef up your keyring with a few other academic accessories like a USB drive. This will just help keep everything in one place!

Pencil case with all your writing tools.

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Many people already like to bring a pen with them anywhere, but writing tools are definitely a must-have for school. Pack away those pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers, paper clips, a small stapler, a ruler, and anything else you think you may need for school. If you’re an art student, don’t forget your colored pens and pencils! Gearing up for a big test? Pack some extra pencil lead for your mechanical pencil and even tuck some tissues away if you're feeling sniffly.

Binder or a notebook (or both!).

 When it comes to school notebooks, some people prefer to use a binder, while other prefer a large notebook with dividers. Whether you package all your notes together in or pick cute, colorful notebooks for each subject, school and classes means notes which inevitably means notebooks. Find the system that works best for you and stock up! Of course, a tablet of computer might replace handwritten notes, but having a notepad to jot down a quick diagram or write a note to a friend is a must-have.

A fun and functional planner or journal.

Keep track of your class schedule and school work (as well as your out of class activities) by noting them down in a planner or journal. Pick one you actually want to write in so you're encouraged to use it and stay on top of everything! Keeping your important assignments organized will help you to be less stressed throughout the year and gives you a time-capsule look back at the year after it's over—you can remember tests you aced, big school events, or fun times out with friends.

Your favorite gadget.

Aside from your mobile phone, you know you’ve got a second favorite gadget to carry around everywhere—like your laptop, tablet or e-reader. They’re perfect for taking notes during class and reading new books or browsing the web during breaks. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve got your laptop or tablet safe and protected inside a Punchdrunk Panda laptop sleeve or tablet case before stuffing them inside your bag!

Music player and headphones.

Punchdrunk Panda Headphones

Got time to kill in between classes or need to drown out distractions while you study for a quiz? Whip out those earbuds or headphones and listen to your favorite chillout tunes. These are also great to have on your daily commute—just pop them out and watch the world go buy.

A (fully-charged!) charger for your gadgets.

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Since you’ve got your gadgets with you, you’ll also need your chargers, especially if you’re going to be at school for several hours—nothing is worse than trying to make plans for the weekend and getting cut off from the world! Pack all the necessary cables and chargers or bring a power bank if you have one to make sure that you are never out of touch.

The cutest vanity kit with your health and beauty essentials.

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Of course, you can’t be trotting off to school without your personal basics like face powder, blush, lip balm, and your favorite fragrance! You may also want to include other useful things like tissue, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, lotion, and hair ties—you never know what you might need while you're running from class-to-class then off to an after-school event.

Tasty snack food.

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Bringing your own munchies not only helps you save money, but it also gives you those quick energy boosts to get you through the day. Bring along some small snacks that are packed with protein to keep you going, like an apple with nut butter, almonds, pretzels or even some dark chocolate if you’ve got a sweet tooth! Save more money by packing a full lunch—no more cafeteria lineups for you.

A re-usable water bottle.

Midnight Spring Duffle Bag

Keep yourself well hydrated all day by bringing your own water bottle. It not only saves you from spending unnecessary money on bottled water, but it’s also good for the environment! Staying well hydrated is good for your health and will help keep you focused and energized throughout the day.

Everyone has a different way of packing for school and what you put in your bag is totally up to you. No matter what you pack, your Punchdrunk Panda backpack is spacious enough for all of your favorite things that you need to get through those hectic school days!

What are your favorite things to bring to school? Share with us in the comments!

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