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You Can Be Cute at the Gym: Punchdrunk Panda's Tips

It’s hard to imagine looking cute while you’re sweating buckets and running sprints at the gym, but it’s possible! Yes, you heard right. Here are some tips on how to look cute at the gym while also making your workout more fun and efficient, too.

Prep your face for the workout.

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Wearing makeup while working out is not the best thing for your skin—the makeup can run down your face as you sweat and it can clog your pores. Before heading to your workout, you may want to wash your face or wipe off your makeup with a cleansing cloth. Add a touch of lip gloss for a fresh-faced look. If you really can’t do without makeup, use a water resistant foundation and then focus on your eyes—use a waterproof mascara or liner to make them pop!

Have fun with your “gym” bag!

Sure, there are bags out there that are tagged specifically as “sports” or “gym” bags, but you can use any bag you like for your workout sessions! Look past the typical athletic gear and play with cute and unconventional designs. You can use your Punchdrunk Panda duffle bag, which has all the right pockets for your shoes and water bottle. You can even use your tote bag, which has more than enough space for other workout essentials, like your iPod, towel and hairbrush. Looking fashionable when sweating it out at the gym starts with your bag, so have fun with it!

Choose sneakers in bright colors that you love.

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What’s not to love about hip, colorful sneakers? If you love how your workout gear looks and feels, chances are you’ll want to wear it more often. Cool funky sneakers can spice up your workout outfit and may even push you to go to the gym more! If that fails, sneakers are very on trend so at least you'll have a pair of comfy and fashionable shoes.

Wear a workout outfit that suits you

Choose clothes that fit right and that you feel comfortable in. Make sure whatever you choose is not too tight and not too loose—something that allows you to move around easily—long racerback or tank top could be perfect. A long top that falls just around or below your hips can help camouflage love handles or any area that you may not feel so confident about yet. A loose racerback or tank top also makes it easy to move and can make you feel more comfortable and more confident, which means you will feel more motivated to exercise!

Get braiding! Experiment with different exercise hairstyles.

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We know the ponytail is the go-to workout hairstyle for women with long hair, but it’s not the only way to put your hair up or keep it out of your face. You can try braids, a bun or a top knot—as long as you can workout comfortably with it. For extra comfort, wear a slim, non-slip headband to secure those bangs or any flyaway strands. Headbands can also be a great way to add some color into your workout outfit!

Create your own workout playlist.

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The right music can really pump you up for a good workout, so choose upbeat tracks that make you feel strong, happy, and confident. Let the music drive your pace and push you to work hard while enjoying the workout!

Follow one, two or all of these tips and you’re ready to rock the gym! Another helpful tip it to switch up your routine. Try a new class, go for a hike, or do something active with a friend. If you never get bored of exercising, you'll probably be excited about doing it!

Of course, you have to make sure that you have other workout basics, too, like an absorbent towel to wipe your hot forehead in between exercises and a water bottle to replenish lost fluids. Trust us, getting dehydrated during a workout is definitely not cute.

What are other tips you have for looking cute at the gym? Share with us in the comments below!

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