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10 Tote Bag Essentials for a Beach Date

We love reading blog posts (or even vlogs!) about what people like to pack in their everyday bags so we thought we should do a similar post, too! In honor of the release of our new tote bag, as well as the beautiful sunshine outside, we want to share 10 of our tote bag essentials. This time, for your beach date.

Whether it’s the first date or the 50th, here are 10 tote bag essentials for your date at the beach.

1. Snacks

Nobody likes a grumbling stomach. If it’s your first date, you may be tempted to forgo your breakfast because of butterflies in your tummy—don’t! Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast (think yogurt, fruit and granola or poached eggs with brown rice). Then keep your datetime energy up by packing along some almonds (full of vitamin E, magnesium and potassium), cashews and dried fruit. Perfect for sharing.

2. Your notebook/sketchpad

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Our new tote bag is spacious (32.5L!) which means that, along with all of your other essentials, you can still make room for creativity by packing your notebook or sketchpad for when inspiration strikes. Kate Spade has lovely designs that would match magically with your Punchdrunk Panda Mimosa tote!

3. Wallet/coinpurse

Don’t forget your wallet! How else are you supposed to treat you and your date to a cool down at the ice cream parlour? With all that hot sun, you’re going to need a frozen treat (or two). We love this color-popping wallet by Matt&Natt.  

4. Sunscreen and sun hat

With the sun’s damaging rays beaming down on your and your boo, you’re going to need some high SPF protection. Looking and feeling like a lobster post-date is definitely not cute! Throw a bottle of Vichy’s SPF 50 sun spray and a cute brimmed hat into your tote to ensure that you stay burn-free. With so much space in your tote, throwing in a few extra sun safety items won't be a problem at all.

5. Headphones

Those pre-date jitters can get the best of you, causing your stomach to churn and your palms to sweat (as if it isn’t hot enough outside already!). Ease the stress by switching on your iPod and blasting your favorite tunes through your Punchdrunk Panda headphones. Foldable with a detachable cord, these babies make for easy storing and transportation. Never go on a date without them!  

6. Makeup bag

Salt spray, sun beams, and wind blasts are a recipe for a makeup melt! Bring along your makeup essentials (packed in this cute House of Holland Embroidered makeup bag) for easy and quick touch ups throughout the day. A lipstick and face powder with an SPF, blotting papers, and an eyelash curler are must-brings and won't make you look too done up for an au naturel date. Feel free to throw in your bronzer and eyebrow pencil for definition—especially if you plan to take your date from the beach to bar.

7. Small blanket

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Because our new tote bag has ample space, you will still have room to throw in a thin beach blanket (even with all the things listed above)! We love the Beach People Round Towel (pictured above). Fashionable and essential to keep you and your date off the hot sand so you can spend more time talking and less time adjusting (sand in your shorts is never fun).

8. bkr Lola water bottle and mints

Dehydration is not hot (dry mouth and skin, fatigue, dizziness and headaches—blech!). So it's best to avoid it by bringing along a cute water bottle! If you do find yourself feeling a little void of H20, fill that bottle up with some cold water and pop a mint to keep you feeling (and smelling) fresh.

9. Phone and portable charger

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It’s likely that you and your date will be playing some beachy tunes, which is a major lifesuck for your phone’s battery life. Ensure that your portable charger has juice and pop it into your tote bag. Also, how else are you supposed to text your BFF if your date is snooze-worthy and you need to bail?

10. Cardigan or denim jacket

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So your date went famously and now you want to make your way out to a cozy local bar or restaurant for some post-beach bites. Make sure you have a light denim jacket or cardigan stowed away in your tote to make for a smooth transition. Paired with your sun-kissed skin, denim is date-worthy and makes for a cute accent to any outfit.

With so much room in our new tote bags, these are just some of the essentials you can take on your beach date! This multi-purpose tote bag can really transport your essentials anywhere. From the beach, to work, to an overnight trip, Punchdrunk Panda has you and your goodies covered. What do you pack in your tote bag? Tell us in the comments below!

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