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Our Favorite #Fitspo Workout Inspiration

We love to talk about fitness over here on the Punchdrunk Panda blog but our enthusiasm is not just fueled by our own desire to be our best selves—we also get a lot of inspiration and motivation from our favorite fitness blogs and websites. And because we just can’t help but spread the love, we’re giving you a list of our favorite #Fitspo sites!


Photo credit: Cassey Ho (@blogilates)

Cassey Ho, the founder of Blogilates, made waves on social media when her The ‘Perfect’ Body video went viral a couple of months back. Cassey is a certified fitness instructor and the creator of POP Pilates, which is a more upbeat form of the traditionally low-key exercise. Her website features different workouts, meal plans and recipes, as well as her fitness-related merchandise like workout clothes, equipment, books, DVDs, and more. Cassey’s sunny and outgoing personality shines through, which makes it a great source of inspiration for anyone who wants to live a healthier life.

Lift Like a Girl

Photo credit: Lift Like a Girl Facebook Page

The Lift Like a Girl revolution was started by Nia Shanks, coach and health and fitness writer. This community aims to help women become the strongest and most awesome versions of themselves through nutrition and strength training. Like most of the sites listed here, Lift Like a Girl also aims to break the myths of fad diets and conflicting “best workout” programs. She’s essentially on a mission to change the idea that working out “like a girl” is anything but girly and that women can (and should!) be strong!

Kayla Itsines

Photo credit: Kayla Itsines via Facebook

Kayla Itsines from Adelaide, Australia is best known for her Bikini Body Guides which have taken the world and social media by storm. She took a personal training course at the Australian Institute of Fitness and worked at a training center before she founded her own company dedicated to helping women achieve their dream body through her fitness and nutrition guides. Her website not only features articles about health and fitness, but also feedback from her followers—who are not only avid fans, but also fitness fanatics boasting some of the most amazing transformations. Follow along on Instagram with #thekaylamovement and become a part of this growing fitness community—no matter where in the world you are.

Little Bantam

Photo credit: Fiona Peters Photography via Little Bantam

Created by surfer and fitness trainer Elise Carver, Little Bantam Health and Fitness presents a holistic approach to training and physical education. Her Surf Style Training program focuses on improving core strength, flexibility, agility, balance and endurance to provide an all around workout that’s never boring. As she writes on her website, Elise believes that fitness is not about having 6-pack abs or a thigh gap, but rather it’s about “feeling good, being strong, and feeling energetic and excited as you travel through life!” We couldn’t agree more!

Base Body Babes

Photo credit: Base Body Babes

Base Body Babes specializes in training just for women. Behind the scenes are two sisters who have a passion for sharing their fitness vision! These two gorgeous gals have tried and tested different types of training programs and nutrition guides to find out what really works—no myths here! What came out of this research? A training system based on strength and circuit style resistance routines. Browsing through their website or their Instagram account is enough to make you feel like doing some crunches!

Jessamyn Stanley

Photo credit: Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley is another one of our fitness inspirations who’s been making waves with her positive vibes and approach to life and yoga. Jessamyn hails from Durham, North Carolina and is a yoga teacher, body positive advocate and writer. She works to help people become comfortable with and accepting of their bodies. Her blog and Instagram account have attracted thousands of followers and rightly so—we can’t help but be inspired every time we browse through her posts.

Tone It Up

Photo credit: Tone It Up

Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up are the queens of the SoCal beach lifestyle. Providing workout routines (on Youtube and in print form), nutrition guides and more. Really, these ladies have built a community of women who are dedicated to succeed. Join the movement and work towards being your most fit and inspired you! Check out their social channels for transformation posts, recipes and all around positivity.

Rounding up some of our favorite #fitspo has definitely left us inspired...off to the gym we go! Who are your favorite fitness inspirations? What other websites or blog should we include in this list?

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