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8 Amazing Artists in Asia to Follow on Instagram

Besides Pinterest, Instagram is our next favorite place for inspiration. At Punchdrunk Panda, we love design as it inspires us in our everyday lives—especially when it comes to graphic prints!

Though we’re always double tapping our besties’ posts, the vast world of ‘Grammers can be a bit overwhelming when you’re just looking to browse some beautiful pics. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite Asia-based designers for you to follow and be inspired by.

A Pair and A Spare

Born in Australia, this Hong-Kong based Do-It-Yourselfer shares her projects, travels and daily adventures on her accounts. Follow along to be inspired to create your own crafts—her instructions are simple to follow and yield amazing results (seriously—she made the polka dot dream above!).


Photography is just as much design as it is capturing a moment! Aujin Rew is a Korean photographer that captures her adventures in Korea and on the road. Visit her page for beautifully composed images that feature people, landscapes and striking colors.


Angela is probably the cutest out there. Traveling between New York and Hong Kong, follow along on her adventures in life and design. Using her artwork to inspire products, you’ll find a delightful mix of graphic art and typography that’s sure to please any design geek.

Prabal Gurung

Maybe he’s not based in Asian anymore, but this Singapore born, Nepal raised designer turns out architectural fashion designs that incorporate color and print like no other! Clean lines, famous faces and awesome little video clips keep us coming back for more. Also, shoes ;)


This Hong Kong-based architect takes a love for geometry to a whole new level. Capturing patterns throughout the city, her account is definitely a feast for the eyes with an urban twist.


Creative director of Preview Magazine and all around well-connected individual, Vince is a Filipino guy with design on the mind. Snapping everything from his travels to posh events, his Instagram will make you want to travel and upgrade your wardrobe all at the same time.


Subdued in hue, bold in composition, Edric delivers swoon-worthy black and white images. Born in the Philippines and now based in Manila, you’ll be inspired by his striking snaps of everything from local people to street art.


Specializing in flawless fashion illustrations, Soleil really takes drawing to the next level. Get inspired to sketch in your own notebook or simply appreciate her cute selfies. Our favorite? Her cut-out doll drawings in different landscapes. A must-see :)

What’s your favorite Instagram account (besides your own and Punchdrunk Panda’s, of course)?! Share them with us—we’re always looking for inspiration.

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