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6 Wallet Friendly Vacation Ideas

When you start working, you'll realized that anytime is a great time to get away for some much-needed vacay time, but sometimes skyrocketing travel prices and limited budgets can hinder you from taking that trip. Fortunately, there are many budget-friendly vacation options so there's really no reason to let monetary concerns cramp your style.

Here are our favourite vacation ideas that you can consider for your next holiday—they're big on fun and low on price :)

Stay in a hostel or book your accommodations via Airbnb.

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You've picked a dream vacation. Now, instead of booking a room at a hotel, consider hitting up hostels in the area or checking through listings on Airbnb. You can rent rooms or sometimes entire apartments for cheap! These options often cost significantly less than a hotel, so you get to save money on accommodations and put those funds towards other things like meals, transportation and tours. Lots of hostels and Airbnb's have kitchen too many you can save money by making some meals "at home".

Go camping.

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There are so many beautiful beaches in the Philippines—most of which you can totally camp on. Plus, since you bring your accommodations and food with you, beach camping saves you the extra spending in the long run.

This post on the Backpacking Pilipinas blog has some amazing suggestions for beaches to check out and we recommend Anawangin Cove in Pundaquit as it's a great option if you want to detach from technology and spend time in nature.

When planning your beach campout vacay, we recommend that you go prepared! Ensure you pack adequate amounts of sun protection (hats, sunscreen, lightweight clothing) as shade may be scarce, along with enough drinking water to last the duration of your trip. Fill up your duffle bag with essentials, then hit the road.

Vacay with a group of friends.

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The more the merrier, right? Not only is it fun to gain some travel experience with your closest friends, but you can share the costs, too. Group packages and split accommodations and food significantly decrease your overall expenses. Check out Travel Ventours for some destination group packages and deals.

Go trekking up a mountain.


More often than not, when you think of summer vacation, images of beaches, lakes and lounge chairs flash before your eyes. But why not do something different and head up into the mountains? Get your climbing feet wet—so to speak—by going up a beginner-friendly peak. If you’re from Manila, you can check out Mt. Samat, Mt. Pinatubo or Mt. Pulag. Peruse hike-friendly trails to do solo or with your friends or sign up for a group hike. Costs are minimal depending on the type of tour package.

Schedule your vacation at the beginning or end of the season.

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Travel prices tend to be higher during peak of Summer or the Holiday season—usually the middle of the summer and Christmas. You can save money by timing your trip carefully. Consider the early days of the season when flights and hotels still haven’t started increasing their prices or the end of the season when rates start going down. Of course, this depends on the peak season of the location you're going to, so make sure to do some research!

Check out your local tourist spots.

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Have you really explored your own hometown or city? Most of the time, as locals we rarely visit the tourist spots in our own area. Sometimes we take them for granted and we tell ourselves we can always visit those places some other day. Well, if you’re low on funds and vacation days, why not become a tourist in your own city? Look up popular tourist spots (think monuments, lookout points etc.), pack a camera (with a snazzy strap) and head out on an adventure, tote bag in tow.

Are you ready to go on your wallet friendly summer vacation? The real trick is to know how much you’re willing to spend and work with that budget. With a little research and enthusiasm (and appropriately adorable luggage), you’ll be able to go on a fun holiday without breaking the bank!

Do you have your own vacation ideas you want to add to this list? Be a dear and share them with us in the comments below!

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