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PdP Travels: Travel Tips for Portland, Oregon

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Over the past several years, Portland has become a very hip travel destination—and it’s not hard to understand why. Also called The City of Roses, Portland is known for its breweries, coffee shops, local eateries, chill vibes and locals and its beautiful hiking trails. Visitors can easily explore the city on foot or by bike, and with its casual and relaxed energy, it’s easy to feel comfortable there.

Portland is beautiful and unique—just like you!—so we know you'll be well prepared when you visit. But just to be sure, here are some tips to help you prepare for your trip to this cool, innovative city.

Be ready for rain.

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The locals don’t believe in packing umbrellas (they say that it labels you as a tourist) but if you don’t mind that, be prepared for the rain. Portland is known for its wet weather nine months out of the year (from September to June), so ensure you have warm sweaters, a waterproof jacket and a hat (especially when travelling September–January). The temperature can vary in the summer, with the warmest months being July and August. Pack a good variety of clothing items to ensure you are prepared for all conditions—including possible rainy days and chilly nights.

Pack extra cash—there’s no sales tax!

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Portland is a magical city for many reasons, but shopaholics will be happy to hear that Portland does not charge sales tax—on anything! From clothes shopping to grocery shopping or even fine dining, enjoy Portland for the price you see. Make sure you bring enough cash to satisfy all your shopping needs (including your sweet tooth—there are LOTS of donuts!).

Be ready to pedal yourself around the city.

The city has quite a network of wide bike lanes, which anyone can easily cycle their way through. Get those calves ready befoe you leave on your trip and rent a bike at Portland Bicycle Tours when you arrive to feel like a local. You can even bike your way around the breweries—yes, it’s a real thing in Portland.

Put on your foodie hat.

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Portland has some of the most creative chefs who showcase their creations in quaint eateries and food carts that line the streets (there’s more than 600!). The food carts are usually found in groups or pods, making it easy for anyone to sample different carts at a time. You can head to one of the big pods, such as Alder, Fifth Avenue or the PSU pod. Foodies—unite with your kind at the various farmers markets across the city to have your fill of amazing treats made with local ingredients.

Have a taste of the local brews.

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Portland is synonymous with breweries, especially since you can find a wide range of brews on every corner! Bike or hop on their super efficient transit system to the various microbreweries around the city and have a taste of the local beers with quirky names. If you time your trip right, you can also catch one of the beer festivals held almost every month.

Embrace the weird.

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No other city embraces the adjective "weird" as much as Portland does. The phrase “Keep Portland weird” is as much a lifestyle as it is a slogan. The city is home to heaps of creativity and originality, which is evident in the unusual attractions and experiences that can only be found in Portland. One popular example of this "weirdness" is Voodoo Doughnut, a shop that offers unusual treats like the maple bar with bacon and doughnuts coated in Fruit Loop cereal!

Don’t forget to smell the roses.

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You can’t visit Portland and not truly experience why it’s called the City of Roses. Drop by Washington Park to see and smell the blooms at The International Rose Test Garden. While you’re there, you can also visit the Japanese Garden, Oregon Zoo, World Forestry Center, and the Children's Museum.

Ready for your trip to Portland? With these tips you’ll surely have a memorable time in the city—all with your Punchdrunk Panda backpack in tow.

Do you have other tips or must-sees that you want to add to this list? Share them in the comments below! :)

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