• 4 Things We’re Grateful for in 2017

4 Things We’re Grateful for in 2017

We’re a little late, but we still want to talk about the wonderful year we had in 2017. 2017 was a year of growth for Punchdrunk Panda, and we would like to share with you the milestones we’re grateful to have achieved.

To our partners...

We would first like to thank our wonderful retail partners who graciously welcomed us into their stores across Metro Manila. For CommonRoom PH, who offered us a loving home with the rest of the local art community; for The Craft Central who graciously gave us a much-coveted space in their store, even though we’re not really a DIY or craft brand; Fullybooked for wholeheartedly trusting us to funkify sixteen of their stores nationwide (EEEK!!); and Quirks for being oh-so-very accommodating and keeping us curious with their collection.

To our artist collaborators...

Punchdrunk Panda Collaborations

We worked with wonderful and talented artists last year to expand the PdP merchandise; We’re grateful for Diyalogo, who readily hopped onboard to make witty designs for our Daily Organizer Collection. We’re also indebted to Cassy Kicks, who brought us back to our teenage years with her unique and cute artistic style. They opened up a path for us to work with more talented local artists and proving that art is made more special when it’s made by a team.

To our new home...


We may have mentioned this in passing before, but we lost our old headquarters midway through 2017. We floundered for a bit, looking for a new home which we found in the co-working space of Penbrothers. The working environment inspires us to do better each day, to come up with products that will bring smiles to our followers’ faces.

To our customers, old and new...

Last but not least, we’re thankful for you, our followers. Whether new to our brand or a loyal follower since the beginning, we are extremely appreciative of your continuous support for Punchdrunk Panda. We would not have lasted the past ten years without your patronage.

So while we bid the year that’s gone by, we’re facing forward to embrace the triumphs and challenges that 2018 will bring. We have more plans for our followers and we hope you will love and support as much as you have with our past and current collections.

Here’s to funkifying the world together, one quirky thing at a time.

  • Nathania Go

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