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Repost: Let's Get Away by Feral Creature

Summer's almost over in my part of the world (London) and although I just crossed the pond (i.e. Atlantic Ocean) to fly to the East Coast (LA & SFO to be specific), I already miss going away far from the city. Make no mistake, I am definitely a city girl and do not see myself retiring in the country side in the near future; however, London is probably one of the busiest cities I've lived in and as much as I enjoy living in this city, I still feel that every so often, I just need to get away... just like Eugenie from Feral Creature.

"Just because I'm back in town for a while doesn't mean I don't miss being on the go. I've definitely been itching to leave again, but I can't because I have ~responsibilities~, like school, hosting gigs, and my press-play laptop DJ debut today, haha. I've been reminiscing on days of yore by bringing around my usual carryon on my day-to-day activities.

This oversized tote holds everything I need to bring on a plane, plus it has a wanderlust phrase and passport stamp design!" - Eugenie Grey / Feral Creature

Not to brag but in a couple of days, I'm off to Iceland for 5-days to reunite with my closest friends from Manila. My best friend, who recently got engaged, will be there as well so I cannot wait! After which, I'm off to Berlin to run my 3rd Marathon and reunite with my running buddy from Toronto. Feeling blessed. :) 

Cheers, Gail 

All photos (c) Feral Creature

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