• 5 Must-Haves for a Tokyo Trip
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5 Must-Haves for a Tokyo Trip

5 Must-Haves for a Tokyo Trip

Japan has become the most favored and frequented travel destination these days because of the ease of acquiring a multiple-entry visa and the seat sales that make traveling there more affordable. If you’re booking a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, add these 5 travel essentials on your to-pack list.

  1. Spare luggage. Trust us, you’ll be buying a lot of stuff in Tokyo. Bringing a spare luggage will help you worry less about how you’re going to bring home dozens of plastic bags full of trinkets, snacks, and chocolate you’ve hoarded from the plenty 100 Yen stores littered all around the city.
  2. Pocket Wi-fi. Having constant access to Internet will make traveling less nerve- wracking. You won’t have to lug around giant maps or a thick guidebook when wandering around the city—unless, of course, that’s exactly your cup of tea. All you need is your smartphone, your pocket wi-fi, and a powerbank (to keep the battery from draining). Just search for websites that let you rent pocket wi-fi to be delivered to your hotel or be available for pick-up at the airport.
  3. Phrase book. If you’re not planning on staying too long in Tokyo, having a list of useful phrases is just as fine. It’s essential to at least learn the basic greetings and questions so that you won’t feel so lost or frustrated in a place where English- speaking locals are difficult to come by.
  4. Umbrella. The peak season for visiting Japan is during Spring when rainfalls are a frequent occurrence. Although disposable umbrellas are sold for cheap in local convenience stores, it’s still better to bring with you a travel-friendly foldable umbrella to combat the sudden showers.
  5. Camera. Bringing one is a no-brainer, but needs to be emphasized! Whether with your phone or a digital camera, capturing the “Japan aesthetic” is a must. Collect as many memories and hard evidence as you can because you can never be too sure when you’ll be able to save enough money for another trip to Tokyo.

5 Must-Haves for a Tokyo Trip

With these travel essentials, your trip to Tokyo is guaranteed to be hassle-free no matter what the season. Enjoy!

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