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Captain Planeteering (vol 1, report 1)

At PdP, we constantly try to find more meaningful ways of doing business. We do this particularly by sticking to our PdP-losophy values of creativity, function, Filipino, Earth, passion, and change.

So far, we’re proud that our main products - shoes, camera straps and laptop sleeves are all proudly made in the Philippines, supporting skilled workers in Marikina and Quezon City. We’re also happy to be a showcase of the talent of local graphic designers, and the application of their awesome designs on functional products.

In our efforts to minimize our impact on the environment, we also do our best to create quality products that last (products with longer life spans are generally less wasteful) and are actually useful (as opposed to something that’s cute but serves no purpose), and coming up with more sustainable packaging options (shoe bax - bag na box lol).

That Annoying Itch

However, our PdP-losophy of Earth has always been an itch we can’t scratch, and as much as we’d like to create products with sustainable materials or source all materials from the Philippines, and basically just create products that are more eco-friendly, it’s really not that easy.

But since we’re passionate about the environment, we want to do our own part, no matter how little, by making you aware about how we can maximize impact in our communities while minimizing our impact on the environment, by supporting organizations like Save Philippine Seas, Got Heart Foundation, and Muni PH.

About Our Partner Organizations

Save Philippine Seas is an independent movement organized by individuals from different fields, driven to stop the abuse & destruction of the Philippines’ precious marine resources through research and investigation, lobbying for amendment and enforcement of environmental laws, and keeping citizens aware and involved through social media and events.

Got Heart Foundation was created to develop social enterprises, mainly natural farming, educate communities on proper allocation of resources, and create targeted programs for communities they work with. They’ve also recently set up the Got Heart Shop to grant better access for farmers and marginalized communities to market their quality products, and share their stories to more consumers.

Muni PH is a Cultural Creatives’ guide to mindful living, and urges everyone to realize that he/she can make a difference in the community and the planet by rethinking daily decisions - how we choose to eat, shop, travel, etc. - and acting upon these realizations. Apart from being an online resource, Muni also places great emphasis on creating offline events where people can come together to discuss ideas, and collaborate on change-inducing projects.

How We Are Partnering With Them

Apart from using our network to generate awareness about their initiatives, Punchdrunk Panda will be contributing 10% of online sales to these partner organizations.

  • Upon checkout, you get to select which partner organization’s advocacy speaks the most to you. Yes, we made it mandatory ;)
  • The contribution will be coming from our own pocket, in no way are we passing it on to you, but we’re giving you free reign to choose which organization you feel we should support.

Of course, if at any point, you’d like to help these organizations even more, we’re sure they’d love support of any kind, so just visit their websites to see how you can help.

This is our own little effort, and we hope that we’ve planted that seed of change in your mind as well and helped you realize that in numbers, our tiny individual efforts will make a huge difference. :)

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