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12 Fun Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers

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Another week to spread the Christmas spirit. For this week's Gift Guide series, we feature a fun and quirky holiday gift guide for photographers! We know that giving an actual camera may be beyond your budget. And let's be honest, a nice lens or a camera is only part of the story, sometimes, small and functional accessories will help your friend get that perfect shot. 

Disclaimer: we love Photojojo so much so we pretty much browsed through their website for these ideas. Most images taken from Photojojo as well. We promise, their website won't disappoint.

  1. Smart Phone Lenses - easily add style (fisheye, telephoto, wide angle, macro, and polarizing) to your photos with these mobile phone lenses
  2. Pocket Spotlight - bright enough for your photos, small enough for your pocket
  3. Lens Caps - lost your DSLR cap? Keep your camera lenses protected with this snack lens caps.
  4. Shot Glass Lens Set - perfect to celebrate a great photo (just add whisky) or to wake you up (just add espresso) 
  5. Punchdrunk Panda Camera Strap - carry your camera with comfort and style, exclusively designed and distributed by Punchdrunk Panda
  6. Photorito Lens Wrap - feast your eyes on this burrito lens wrap
  7. Mobile Lighting Kit - your 24/7 accessory to take great photos... anytime, any weather, anywhere
  8. Film Roll Magnets - recycle your dad's old film rolls and turn them into magnets to showcase your favourite photos in your fridge
  9. Camera Lens Mugs - sharpen not only your photos but also your mind by filling these mugs with your favourite coffee, available in "Nikon" or "Canon"style
  10. Drone Banner - keep your drone from scaring other tourists with this banner
  11. Camera Bag - carry your camera without sacrificing style 
  12. Camalapse - say goodbye to shaky hands, say hello to this rotating stand for your iPhone or compact camera and start taking pro-quality 360' images or videos 
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