• From Manila to London: Tips for the Filipino Traveller
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From Manila to London: Tips for the Filipino Traveller

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London continues to be a popular destination for all kinds of travellers, from the big spenders to those on a tight budget. However, before you embark on your British adventure, there are a few things to keep in mind. The capital is a completely different world from what you’re used to in Manila, and to fully prepare you for this trip of a lifetime, here are some friendly reminders:

1) Apply for your visa before booking a flight
A common requirement for a tourist visa is a flight itinerary because it’s a form of insurance that you will be travelling to the respective country, although it’s a risky procedure due to the possibility of a rejected application. Luckily, the UK Tourist Visa doesn’t require a ticket, so just make sure that you attach the proper supporting documents along with your application.

2) Book a direct flight to London
Unless you plan on vacationing in London for a month or so, you’ll want to make the most out of your trip by flying straight to the capital. Two years ago, PAL made it possible to fly passengers nonstop from Ninoy Aquino to Heathrow. The leading UK aviation hub is located in the west of London, according to Parking4Less, however that shouldn’t worry travellers as they can access the city centre by bus and train throughout the day and night.

3) Pack according to the climate
Some people might think that enduring our rainy season is enough to ready us for dreary weather that England is notoriously known for, but the range in temperature and other forms of precipitation call for protective rain/snow gear that you might not already own. Wellies are bulky and add unnecessary weight to your luggage, so it’s best to waterproof the boots you already own and pack according to the guide provided by Travel Fashion Girl.

4) Be open to a new culture and have fun!
The only way to truly learn about a new destination is by doing as the locals do. While Jollibee will give you the comfort of home in an unfamiliar territory, an incentive to travel like a local as described by McCool Travel is the variety of experiences that you simply won’t get with a typical tourist holiday. You’ll find your visit more authentic and satisfying.

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