• Repost: Texture Play by Laureen Uy
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Repost: Texture Play by Laureen Uy

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Our bipolar weather has got me wearing jackets because of the rain and since I’m mostly travel for work nowadays, I feel like investing in a few jackets that I feel are on trend this season. Whenever I do road trips or when I’m inside the plane, it’s very important to feel cozy and relaxed- one thing you don’t want to feel when you’re traveling is being uncomfortable. Most of you don’t know this but when I have short trips (2-3 days max), I just like bringing an overnight bag with me (yes, surprisingly I’m a light packer). Punchdrunk Panda’s duffel bag is so convenient to bring! It’s so spacious inside that you even have a shoe compartment, a water bottle pocket and a soft compartment pocket for all your valuables. The style also matches most of my outfit. Traveling for me just got better. - Laureen Uy from Break My Style

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