• Stocking Stuffers! 12 Gifts under P1000 / $25
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Stocking Stuffers! 12 Gifts under P1000 / $25

Stocking Stuffers! 12 Gifts under P1000

Make Christmas memorable with this fun, unique and affordable stocking stuffers! We curated 12 of our favourite quirky things to help you find something for everyone on your list.

  1. Hey Kessy Collection // Price: P130 or $2.75 – wrap this holiday’s gifts with this exclusive washi tapes from Hey Kessy!
  2. Earphones London // Price: P250 or $5.30 – because founder Gail is currently based in London, we have a bias for this cutest London phone booth earphones.
  3. Punchdrunk Panda Camera Strap // Price starts at P495 / $10.50 – of course we have to love our own. Our camera strap comes in 2 sizes to perfectly fir an SLR and compact camera. All designs are unique and produced in limited edition.
  4. Camper Planner // Price: P545 - Get ready to go on an adventure by ordering your 2016 Camper Planner!
  5. Peanut Butter & Jelly Keychain // Price: P570 or $12– the cutest and probably most touching gift 2 best friends can have. Seller ships to the Pgilippines! *heart melts*
  6. Agenda Dry Erase Board // Price: P695 or $15 – planning for the next year, this is a great way to write one’s weekly agenda.
  7. Documented Manila Strap // Price: P710 or $15 – back for a limited time at one of our favourite craftmaker, Christine Herrin, this limited edition 3x4 stamp captures moments in Manila.
  8. Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup // Price: P609 or $13 - the classic New York coffee cup is immortalized in infinitely reusable ceramic with this distinctive. How do you like your coffee?
  9. Punchdrunk Panda Passport Wallet // Price: P745 or $15.80– without any bias, our passport wallet are the perfect travel companion. Built with 8 pocket to hold your travel essentials, be it this Christmas or some other time, you’ll be jetting off to places in no time.
  10. Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag // Price: P837 or $18– perfect for work desk or study table companion for all the snackers out there. We’re guilty!
  11. Full Alphabet Stamp Set // Price: P943 or $20) - this basic brush alphabet set is a great addition to planners, Project Life journaling cards and titles! Comes with both upper- and lowercase letters.
  12. Five Minute Journal // Price: P1000 or $22.95 - although mostly sold in the US, this 5-minute journal is the simplest and most effective thing one can do every to be happier. Start 2016 with this.
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