• 2015 Punchdrunk Panda Annual Report

2015 Punchdrunk Panda Annual Report

2015 Annual Report - Websites

This year, we changed the layout of our website to host 2 currencies (PHP and USD). We've also introduced a super menubar for ease of navigation. And more importantly, we increased the speed of our website for even more convenient shopping.

In total, we had 24.5K website visits (+14% from last year) from the Philippines, USA, United Kingdom, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, and Dubai, to name a few. 73% of the visitors are returning visitors.

Hopefully, the 27% new visitors have been enticed by 10% offer for new customers. :p Roughly 100 10% off (NEWPDP10) coupons have been claimed and we're excited to give more out next year!

2015 Annual Report - Production

Across the 3 main categories in our website (bags, passport wallet, and camera straps), we produced 1300+ products, funkifying the world with one PdP product at a time. One of our mission is to give Filipino designers and illustrators an unconventional canvas on which to showcase their work and create conversation starters. For every incremental 50 products produced, we compensate the artists with another royalty fee for their design/s. 

We hope you realize that your support for our products is also your way of supporting the talented artists that we work with. Thank you!

2015 Annual Report - Designs

13 designs, yes, we launched a little over 1 new design per month in 2015. It's been a very busy year of collaboration with old and new artists, and of course, Punchdrunk Panda's co-founder, Gail, herself. :)

Two of our biggest collaborations involved our old favourite Abbey Sy with the launch of the Romantic Vintage collection and a new partner, Anthill Fabric, with the launch of the Ramit Mangyan collection

As everyone is winding down this Christmas, we're now working behind the scenes to launch a new design by early this year. We can't wait to share this with you!


So, I guess, we did it! We're planning for bigger and better things in 2016.
Thanks for another great year!
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