• Survey: Help Us Pick a Design Puh-lease?
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Survey: Help Us Pick a Design Puh-lease?

COMING SOON, a functional and cute organizer! The Punchdrunk Panda Organizer is designed to help you stay super organized and keep all of your supplies all in one place.

But before we produce anything, we need your help in picking a design. Simply answer the survey below. We're picking three (3) lucky winners to get our newest product, so please make sure that you fill in your details.*

Organizer - 7017 Islands

Organizer - Brighter Days

Organizer - Feathers

Organizer - Jungle Fever

Organizer - Romantic Vintage

Organizer - Wander On

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Exterior Front 

  • Full zipper closure to keep your inner contents fully secured within the pouch
  • Handle built onto the side of the pouch to conveniently carry your pouch
  • Two open pockets are also built into the front to conveniently and temporarily slide in items when you are in a rush

    Exterior Back 

    • Large zippered pocket to conveniently and slide in items more securely when you are in a rush


    • Zippered pocket to help you securely store small items that are prone to fall out
    • 2 pockets to hold small notebooks
    • Velcro pocket is also built into this side to store a your pens and pencils
    • 2 open document pockets to hold long bond papers (11 x 14")
    • Small pocket to hold more notebooks
    • Mesh pocket for smaller items

    We're planning to come with 3-4 limited edition designs. We're currently still working on the final designs and the photo above just shows a digital prototype. Stay tuned for more news about this!

    *We will use the info you provided to send you latest updates on our brand. Don't worry, we don't spam.

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    Comments on this post (44)

    • Feb 04, 2016

      I vote for the vintage, feather and jungle fever… It suits my personality… And i can refer this to my friends.. Excited for this..

      — Marie Rosos

    • Feb 03, 2016

      I love Wander on Blue!

      — Mitch Carvalho

    • Jan 31, 2016

      I vote for Feather and Romantic Vintage. I am a closet girly girl and the designs add colors which really make me happy and brightens up my days especially since my uniform is all white.

      — Therese Libres

    • Jan 31, 2016

      7107 Islands looks lovely!

      — Cassy

    • Jan 31, 2016

      Wander on blue
      Brighter days
      7107 islands

      — Ma. Camille Cruz

    • Jan 31, 2016

      I got the chills for jungle fever!

      — Farrah

    • Jan 31, 2016

      7107 Islands and romantic vintage are perfect!

      — liza auditor

    • Jan 31, 2016

      7107 Islands, Brighter Days, and Romantic Village – all stir one’s wanderlust and are perfect for any season!

      — Vennedy Malabanan

    • Jan 31, 2016

      The sleek traveler feels of “7107 islands”, the sleek but cute print trends in “jungle fever” and the classy garden pattern of “romantic vintage” stood out for me. It would be great to see them in your collection. Any of the three would capture the varied taste of everyone. ❤️

      — Maye Culpa

    • Jan 30, 2016

      I vote for Wander on Blue ???

      — Marielle

    • Jan 30, 2016

      I love the design and color concept of wander on blue.

      — Ami Reyes

    • Jan 30, 2016

      7107, jungle fever, and wander on blue are super nice. They have vintage vibes and not too feminine nor masculine.

      — Christine Manansala

    • Jan 29, 2016

      Definitely 7101 Islands would be a hit!♡

      — Samantha

    • Jan 29, 2016

      7107 islands and wander on blue. Perfect for travelers!

      — Cj Bandong

    • Jan 29, 2016

      7107 islands

      — Edward lim

    • Jan 29, 2016

      7107 islands

      — Michelle

    • Jan 29, 2016

      The 7107 Islands design is really really nice! No “gahd, that’s too loud” or “ugh. That’s so boring.” vibe anywhere near it. The color is really classy and fun, and so it gives off that feeling of happy serenity. It’s a design that will go well with just about anything. ???

      — Bernadette Ares

    • Jan 29, 2016

      Romantic vintage and feather are beautiful :)

      — Elinor Narceda

    • Jan 29, 2016

      Difficult to do the survey. It will not scroll up

      — Farrah

    • Jan 29, 2016

      I love the feather design! Purple+Feathers= bohemian royalty! I think most girls would buy it!

      — Princess

    • Jan 29, 2016

      Feather, wander over blue, and 7107 islands

      — Cleo Uy

    • Jan 28, 2016

      The Jungle fever design is surely to be a hit for your new organizer! The color combination is so cozy to look at. It brings a vibe of work and play, like a fun loving person who’s always ready to take on new challenges in his/her career. The design emits a child like energy— curious and ready to learn.

      — Mariama M. Teodoro

    • Jan 28, 2016

      How do we answer the survey?

      — Mcvc

    • Jan 28, 2016

      Nice designs ? But I like the feather, romantic vintage and wander in blue ???

      — Arleen I Legaspi

    • Jan 28, 2016

      I like brighter days and romantic vintage. I may not be younger anymore, but at my age (58) i still want to be up-to-date in things like organizer, etc. So i choose neutral designs befitting my age and those younger than me. Those designs look cute, formally dainty and mature. Thanks, Agnes

      — Agnes Faller Cruz

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