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Punchdrunk Panda Design Weekly #2

Architecture Rings Celebrating Iconic Skylines of Cityscapes

Architecture Rings Celebrating Iconic Skyline of Cityscapes

Creator Goldsmith Ola Shekhtman sells on her shop rings that pay tribute to monuments and different iconic worldwide architectures. Her handmade jewels show recognizable buildings we can admire in Berlin, Washington D.C., Charleston, Boston, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Edinburgh. // Read More

Copenhagen Street Dog

Copenhagen Street Dog: Two sausage-obsessed Danes bring the much-loved juicy, smoked pølse to Brooklyn

Let’s be real: for most, the blissfully ignorant days of loving the classic American hot dog are over. Because, well, we just don’t know what’s in those things. But rather than picking up an impostor in the health food aisle, why not turn to Denmark: a country equally enamored with traditional casual sausages. // Read More

Modern Homes Design for Millenials

Modern Homes Designed for Millennials 

Pardee Homes is up to something right outside of Las Vegas. They’re building a new neighborhood in the Henderson, Nevada, but this neighborhood has a handful of homes unlike any seen on the market right now—and we got a first-hand look. // Read More

Modern Brazilian Apartment for Young Couple

Modern Brazilian Apartment for a Young Couple 

The 70 square meter (753 square foot) Humaita Apartment, in Porto Alegre (RS) Brazil, was designed by Renata Ramos for a young couple with specific demands. The purpose of the renovation was to open up the apartment creating visual lines between the social spaces, while adding storage throughout. // Read More

Star Wars Characters Drawn As Winnie The Pooh And Friends

Star Wars Characters Drawn As Winnie The Pooh And Friends 

James Hance is an American illustrator based in Florida. In a series of illustration entitled Wookie the Chew he chose to draw the Star Wars characters as they were a part of the band of Winnie the Pooh and friends. // Read More

Ikea's Latest Hack? Customizable Furniture In The Form Of A Coloring Book

Ikea's Latest Hack? Customizable Furniture In The Form Of A Coloring Book

Retail therapy meets art therapy.Whether you call them lighthearted anxiety-relieving tools or regressive escapes from reality, coloring books for adults have become a full-fledged craze (and lucrative market for print publishers). // Read More


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