• A Creative Mess (PdP Design Weekly) #3
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A Creative Mess (PdP Design Weekly) #3

A Creative Mess

Have you noticed anything different? We finally have a name for our weekly design blog. With over 50 submissions to pick from, we narrowed it down to "A Creative Mess" (submission by Bernadette Quilala).

Congratulations Bernadette for winning one (1) PdP Organizer. We will contact you via email to get your details. Again, thank you everyone for all your suggestions.

Here's your weekly dose of creativity!


Meet The Man Who Created Papyrus, The World's (Other) Most Hated Font

Chris Costello sold Papyrus for the equivalent of $2,500 when he was 23. He never could've guessed how big it would become—or how reviled.

Penguin Day

Penguin Awareness Day Photography

As part of the Penguin Awareness Day, January 20th, Bored Panda has compiled a series of amazing photographs captured by worldwide photographers in honor of these fascinating animals, living in their natural environment.

Simpsons Meme

This "Simpsons" Meme Engine Is D’Oh Good

Where D'Oh and great UX meet. 

I want you to imagine a world, a better world, where all you need to do is type a word like "bacon" or "beer" or "butt" to see where those topics appear in any Simpsons episode.


CAKEWALK Fitness App: A snarky step-counter that isn't afraid to call you out for being lazy

No matter how intuitive, well-designed or smart your favorite fitness app might be, it’s useless if you don’t actually get out of bed and into the gym. A humorous new app, called CAKEWALK, has found a way to bypass this problem by nagging and shaming you until you get moving. 


A First Look At Uber's New Logo And Branding

Uber, once a black car service for an elite few, has ditched its stark branding for a new approach evoking a more connected world.


Barbie’s New Body Shapes

For the first time in her 57-year history, Barbie will be given three new body shapes—petite, tall and curvy.

DIY Glitter Barrettes

DIY Glitter Barrettes

If you love anything Valentine's Day themed, you'll love these more since you can can wear them year-round!  

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