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A Creative Mess #4 - Weekly Dose of Design Trends

Darren Booth

Darren Booth's Illustrated Graphics

One of the most difficult things about design is how to define it. When is it design? When is it art? Can it be both?… I believe it can. When it solves some sort of problem—like how to display creativity on stairs—but also inspires, then I think it crosses the line from design into art.

The work of Darren Booth somehow balances that tight rope between graphic design and art, producing work that can be admired, studied, functional and inspiring.

Diet Coke

With Millions Of New Bottle Designs, Every Diet Coke Will Soon Be Unique

Today, you probably know Diet Coke for its silver and red branding—which is more or less how it’s looked since Coca-Cola’s sugar-free alternative first launched in 1982. But starting this month, in a market where diet soda sales are down, Diet Coke is going bespoke, as millions of unique designs are hitting U.S. shelves for the first time as part of a campaign called "It’s Mine."


5 Flowery Ways to Say "I Love You"

Valentine’s Day usually conjures up visions of red roses (okay, and chocolate), and while gifting roses is a lovely gesture, it’s also a tired one.

Ginger Ale

Not Your Father's Ginger Ale

The makers of boozy root beer try their hands at a new equally boozy, spicy soda


A Wedding in the Natural Landscapes of Iceland

What’s more romantic and inspiring that a wedding in the middle of Iceland’s nature? Photographer Gabe McClintock, specialized in wedding photography and portraits, had the chance to immortalize this trip, the beauty of this country and their love. The two lovers assumed they’d rather spend money in a beautiful adventure, than in a traditional ceremony.

Not Chanel

Not Chanel Cross Body Bag

Sensi Studio blends influences from Milan, Miami and the Andes to create something stylish but tongue-in-cheek and charming. If you hate the idea of spending thousands of dollars on a classic quilted Chanel handbag, perhaps Stephany Sensi's adorable, woven "Not Chanel" cross-body is more up your alley. Complete with a braided strap adorned with bright tassels, this bag will add plenty of flair to any look.


Vans is Offering High School Art Programs $50K

Through end-of-day on 12 February 2016, high school art teachers can register their school for the seventh edition of the Vans Custom Culture competition. It's all very easy: the program ships four pairs of blank canvas Vans to schools across the nation, sets specific themes and allows student teams to submit designs back. The winning designers' school will receive a $50K grant for funding additional arts programming. Further, there's the potential for the winning design to hit shelves down the line—an empowering feat for young designers.

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