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A Creative Mess #5 - Weekly Dose of Design Trends

Adam Padilla

How Posting A Daily Drawing To Instagram Changed This Founder's Life

As Adam Padilla's career flourished, his artistic hobbies—and some of his creative energy—died. Here's how he got it back.

Astronaut Donuts

Astronut Donut Project

Astronut is a bakery from Mexico City specialized on donuts from outer space. As creative as their name, a word mixing space and donuts, the brand teamed up with Super Magic friend to create their visual identity


Bic Pen Ads Showing Why Writing is Better

Honest and sentimental, this series of posters from Bic highlights the lack of humanity there is in text messages and our modern communication means. This campaign wants to show that it’s better to hand-write with a pen to express yourself, than sending simple words via SMS. Behind the “Hey” and “Miss You”, are hidden sometimes more complex and personal feelings.

Nendo Chocolatetexture Bar

Nendo's Chocolatetexturebar is a Textural Taste Experience

Nendo’s by | n chocolatexture bars are what happens when one of Japan’s most innovative design studios decides to explore the experience of premium chocolate, a quintet of intricately patterned bars embellished with their own distinct texture to engage the palate to optimize flavors.

Disney Princess

Illustrated Disney Princesses Reimagined As Modern Girls Living In The 21st Century

Represented by the Lemonade Illustration Agency, Canadian illustrator Anoosha Syed wondered how our favorite Disney princesses would look like if they lived in the 21st century. For each character, she imagined a little story. Ariel lives near the sea, Snow White takes a lot of selfies, Esmeralda would be a ballerina, Jane an artist and Jasmin a traveller blogger. 

Ikea Hacks

Upgrade your Ikea Furniture with These Easy Hacks

Whether you want to admit it or not, IKEA provides great opportunities to incorporate modern design into your space without breaking the bank. While their affordable pieces are functional and practical, some of the basics might seems a little boring after awhile.

Ok Go

OK Go in Zero G for "Upside Down and Inside Out": Guitarist Andy Ross describes the making of yet another crazy music video

After more than a decade of creating epic music videos, you think OK Go wouldn't be able to top motorized scooter chair choreography or a warehouse-sized custom Rube Goldberg machine. But the just released video for "Upside Down and Inside Out," from the 2014 album Hungry Ghosts, defies not only our expectations but gravity, too.


This Startup Is Betting On Local, Made-To-Order Furniture—Delivered In A Flash

Opendesk has spent the last two years selling locally manufactured pieces. Now it wants to take on the instant furniture industry. 

Portfolio Design Tips

Portfolio Design Tips Straight from the Source

Your portfolio should be an elevator pitch. Before considering the technical parts, the narrative is important. What are you saying about yourself, and how do you want your work to be seen by the world? Layout would then follow. How is your work displayed? We’ve seen trends come and go, and these days, portfolio websites are heavy on the content, and brief on the context. In the digital age, your portfolio site is the elevator pitch, and you have 30 seconds to engage the viewer.

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