• A Question To Our Followers

A Question To Our Followers

As we close another chapter in the year 2018, we at the Punchdrunk Panda HQ want to hear your thoughts on where you want us to take PdP in the coming months and beyond. We’ve steadily built up our collection of quirky items with our Daily Organizers and enamel pin collections, and it seems our followers have been loving them a lot too. But we’re interested to know, what other quirky things do you want us to make?

More books pins?

Book Pins

Photo (c) Trendhunter

Our enamel pins have a been a hit with our followers, and we’ve been thinking of making more (definitely!) But we think our book-loving followers should have more pins to express themselves, so let us know what makes your booklover heart happy!

Cool pencils?

LZ Pencils

Photo (c) LZ Pencils

Pencils are a fun and easy way of injecting our trademark quirkiness into another medium. We can come up with cool and quirky designs for you guys to choose from. You can use it to doodle as you brainstorm or as you come up with your next masterpiece.

Funky candles?


The scented candle trend has been all the rage, and we want to put our funky twist to it. Just the thought of a candle with intricate designs and amazing scents, made by the talented people in the Punchdrunk Panda HQ, makes our heart dance.


Clear Stamps

Photo (c) Everyday Explorers Co.

We’re intrigued by adding some arts and crafts supplies in our collection. Though the Daily Organizers border on the supplies aisle, we’re open to directly delving into the artistic tools that our followers can utilize to make their own awesome creations. Perfect for your planner or bullet journal.

Paper/Stationery products?

Another way we can expand the Punchdrunk Panda merchandise is by making our own stationery products. Think about seeing our Panda on your desk everyday, bringing fun and color to your dull day. You can turn on your light cap and doodle or jot down ideas and to-do lists with it, don’t you think?

Did any of the above strike your fancy? Or are there other ideas you have in mind? Are there some of our past merch that you want us to bring back to our shelves? Let us know in the comments below, or leave a comment on our Instagram posts - we’ll be sure to listen!

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