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Be Happy

Be Happy

Nowadays, it’s hard to look through social media and not feel a bit sad about the situation of today. Social media has made the world a smaller place, but it’s also made it harder for us to escape the realities of life, and we are constantly being reminded of the tragic things that are happening around us. Sometimes, it even makes you feel bad for being happy.

Well, I’m here to tell you; it’s okay to be happy. In fact, be happy. Smile in that picture, sing-along to that song, dance to that piano instrumental of your favorite song. Show everybody that this is exactly what we need right now. We’re so busy focusing on the bad stuff, that maybe it’s time we take a second look at our lives and be thankful for whatever we have. Social media gives us a glimpse of worlds that we only pretend to comprehend, when we ourselves don’t know who or what to believe. So maybe it’s time you show the world what you believe.

Be that ball of sunshine the world desperately needs and allow yourself to put on the Live Laugh Repeat Patch or those Retro Heart Low Cut Socks and add a little color into your life. Remind people and yourself that being happy might just help the world a little bit. Make a statement.

Remind yourself that amidst all of this anger and frustration, that you can have fun, that you can still be a child at heart, without being ignorant. Take that Little Prince Enamel Pin and allow the world to recall what he taught us in his book, that sometimes, it’s good to think like a child, that it might give us a little more clarity.

Be happy, because we need happy people. Spread love for the sake of spreading it, because love is a gift and it is worth giving, no matter if you receive nothing in return. The world has to know there’re people who still love for all the right reasons.

Be happy, because being happy will keep you sane. All this negativity is toxic, and no one wants that. We need something to pick us up when we’re down, and keeping a good disposition can help in so many ways.

Be happy, so the world won’t forget to be.

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