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  • Behind The Brand: Cassy Kicks
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Behind The Brand: Cassy Kicks

Behind The Brand: Cassy Kicks

Pastel hues and colors, adorable illustrations, and inspiring statements are the first things you’ll see when you stumble upon Cassy Kicks (@cassykicks) - the then personal account and now arts and crafts brand of young, budding entrepreneur Cassy Cajucom.

Cassy Cajucom

From simply posting her art works and vector illustrations online, Cassy first venture into the business world was when her colleague from college invited her to join local bazaars. “And that’s how I started juggling stickers and my plates...then accepting online orders and commissions as well. Then after I graduated, I started consigning at craft stores,” Cassy said. “Being able to consign in a physical store I think is one of the great decisions I made,” she added.

Since then, her brand has a current following of 6,000, her works have been featured in cafes and magazines, and her shop has now expanded to sticker packs, pins, and patches. When asked how her “artventure” is doing, “I don’t think that there’s a business that succeeds right away, mine is definitely full of trial and error and is still a work in progress,” the artist said. “But I’m always grateful with every kind of progress, whether it is a slow one or being productive right away,” she followed.

Her proudest accomplishments so far are: Being able to do a few illustrations for Candy magazine and collaborating with Punchdrunk Panda. “Growing up, I already saw how PdP connects with local artists to create colorful yet useful stuff and now I’m here making a project with them!,” Cassy explained.

Behind The Brand: Cassy Kicks

Despite juggling two careers at the same time -- one in the advertising world and one in the art scene -- the self-proclaimed ‘tough girl by heart’ has learned that “when you really love something and are passionate in what you’re doing, you will always find time to pursue it.” Aside from passion as her motivation, she also believes that time management and being able to focus on her priorities are the keys to success.

As Cassy Cajucom continues to share her works centered on girl empowerment and positivity, come and take a peek at the Punchdrunk Panda x Cassy Kicks Collection to add some vibrant, cheerful fun and optimism to your everyday essentials.

Keep continuing to inspire, Cassy. You go, girl!

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