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  • Behind The Brand: Diyalogo

Behind The Brand: Diyalogo

With an online following of 15k on both Facebook and Instagram, their products available in 47 stores in Metro Manila, and the brand, from being a weekend sideline to a full-time two-person venture, it’s pretty clear to say that Diyalogo has been “kicking ass” since 2014.

Ian Quimbo & Ambo Bongalonta

Through their wit, humor, and artistic skills, co-founders Ian Quimbo and Ambo Bongalonta have now thrived and built their names in the local art and business scene. With the core foundation of their brainchild being to make people laugh, “our brand is really an intersection of work and play,” said the business partners, as they incorporate comedy and design into every sticker pack, concept, and collaboration -- embodying the true essence of “doing what you love.”

When asked what sets their brand apart from their competitors, “we don’t ride the wave, we make our own waves and make people ride that. That way, we know that they are fans of the brand and not just a fan of the fad,” they said. And because of this guiding principle, the last three years’ (with emphasis on the last 11 months) progress has been surprisingly fast. “Instead of us looking for partners, they now come to us for collaboration, which is great because we now have a little bit more leverage,” Ian and Ambo agreed. Even though they both go through trying times, cue in finances, logistics and all the other jargons in the business side of things, “the rewards far more outweigh the stressful days,” the two added.

Diyalogo Stickers

How do they keep themselves inspired, motivated, and witty? They answered: stand-up comedies, meeting people who are also witty, it pays the bills, and it makes customers happy.

Fast forward to today’s fast-paced life, Ambo has realized that, throughout their business venture, he “can actually chew more than [he] can eat” and that Ian now has a clearer picture for his life. As for Diyalogo’s future, they plan to “go beyond merchandising,” and instead, become a “household name for comedy.”

Now that you know more about what’s behind the brand, we hope that Punchdrunk Panda’s Diyalogo Collection will help keep you inspired and always witty wherever your feet take you. For your everyday laughs and Filipino humor, follow them at


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