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Creating a Dream Board

 Creating a Dream Board

Think of that dream, that one dream you’ve been pining for: getting your dream job; saving up for a vacation, a new car, a house; wanting to graduate; or a passion project that’s been sitting in the back of your mind for a while now.

How close are you from achieving that dream?

Sometimes, we just get so caught up with life that we lose sight of the things we want to achieve. With school, work, family, friends, and everything in between, our dreams just unintentionally get pushed aside. Life loves throwing curve balls, but that shouldn’t break our spirits -- it should motivate us to push harder. But it also does help to have something we can constantly look at so that our motivation won’t wither.

So grab your Summer Fun Pencil Case and your Dream Catcher Organizer and start creating that dream board.

Make a Plan

Concrete or abstract, whatever you feel will work to your advantage. You don’t necessarily have to have a five-year or ten-year plan. However, if this is really a dream that you want to pursue, write it down. Make sure that whatever it is, it is something you know you will work for in the long run. Write them in big, bold letters so that you will always be reminded of that end goal.

Find Things That Inspire You

 Creating a Dream Board

Read books, look at magazines, take pictures, listen to songs. Take bits and pieces out of those things and add them to your board. If these things drive you to work and to continue to persist, then they deserve a spot on your wall. Maybe a picture of your parents, friends, crush, your favorite restaurant or a certain Ramit Mangyan Backpack that you’ve been wanting to purchase. You can even pin our new collection of Enamel Pins for cute motivational signs onto your dream board. Whatever it is, it’s worth adding if it keeps you inspired and motivated.

Put It All Together

Lastly, find a corkboard, illustration board, or even an empty wall in your room and start putting them all together. Make everything that you see and do revolve around that dream, that end goal, that finish line. So make sure that whatever is on that dream board gets you closer and closer to what you want in life.

And as for those curve balls? They won’t even dent your dream board.

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