• Easy D-I-Y Hacks For Your Room

Easy D-I-Y Hacks For Your Room

DIY Hacks

With the fresh start of 2017, I’m sure your new year’s resolutions are slowly in progress but while you’re at it, why not take advantage of the clean slate that every new year brings, let your neat-freak flags fly, and get organized with these easy, fun, and visually appealing D-I-Y Organizing Hacks.

Jewelry Hanger

Jewelry Hanger
Things you’ll need: wood block, brass dowel, wall mounting tape, super glue, paint (optional)

  1. Once you’ve gathered up all the materials needed, grab the wood block. You may keep the wood as is or you can paint it over with pastel hues or metallic gold if that’s more of your style.
  2. Super glue the brass dowel to the wood. This will be the hanger for your jewelry so you can choose whatever length you prefer.
  3. Flip the woodblock over and stick the mounting tape to its back.
  4. Adhere the jewelry hanger on the wall and arrange your jewelry as you like!

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Jewelry Palette

Jewelry Pallete
Things you’ll need: ceramic watercolor palette, paint (optional)

For those of you who don’t really have spare time to create your own jewelry hanger, this organizational hack is for you. Simply grab your watercolor palette, wash off the paint or repaint it into something more your style, and place a jewelry piece in each slot.

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Memo Board

Memo Organizer
Things you’ll need: snapback front loading frame, paint chips/construction paper, double-sided tape, white eraser marker

  1. Look for a snapback front loading frame that’s about 8”x11” in size or longer since this will basically be your memo board.
  2. If you have cute paint chips left scattered in your house, recycle them to create divider squares to your memo board. You may also use construction paper if you don’t have any. Simply cut them into squares or into your preferred size.
  3. With the paper that comes with the frame, leave about a 2”-3” inch margin at the top as a space for you to write the header for your memo board. Then with the rest of the space, plot how you want the paint chips arranged.
  4. Adhere the paint chips to the paper with double-sided tape, pop the frame back together, grab your white eraser marker, and start writing on your memo board.

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Drawer Divider

Drawer Divider
Things you’ll need: cardboard, scissors, paint

  1. First grab your cardboard and give it a more personalized, clean look by painting it over with your favorite color or into something that blends in with your drawer space.
  2. Based on the size of your drawer, cut two cardboard pieces for the dividers.
  3. Cut about a 2” inch notch in the center of each piece to keep the cardboard in place.
  4. Place the cardboard dividers in the drawer and start organizing!

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Clamp Cord Organizers

Clamp Cord Organizer
Things you’ll need: binder clip

This one-step, no brainer organizing hack is the simplest and easiest of all. Just clamp the binder clips to the edge of your desk and make sure that your chargers and cables are inserted inside the clip so that when you unplug, they stay in place, on top of the binder clip. (Note: Make sure the binder clip clamps wide enough to fit the edge of your table).

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