• ECQ Update

ECQ Update

Hope everyone's doing fine!

First of all, we wish everyone is staying safe in their own homes. 🏠

In the decade that we've been in business, this is the first time that we had to halt operations. At first, it was hard for us since we worried about rent, staff salary, and just not hitting our monthly sales quota. But then we stepped back and realized that maybe this isn't so bad. 

For the first time in a decade, as well, this is the first time that we're not chasing after deadlines. We were able to step back and re-assess how to move the business forward and strategize a little bit more. So whether you're an entrepreneur or a business like us, we hope that you're keeping yourself busy somehow. If you're binging on Korean shows, that's fine as well... as long as you're staying safe.

Now, some ECQ updates:

  1. All orders placed during the ECQ will be shipped after the ECQ. Thank you in advance for your orders. It's very much appreciated.
  2. COD is temporarily disabled. For those who ordered using COD prior to us disabling it, we will contact you again once ECQ is lifted to check if you want to push through with your order.
  3. Shipping fee has now been reduced to P100 (from P120) 

We'll be using this time to:

  1. PRE-SELL PRODUCTS - now might not be the opportune time to sell non-essential goods but we figured that there's no harm in trying. Although we have in our own ways supported our frontliners, we should not forget those that also work for us, our own staff. The proceeds will just go back to the business, which is used to support our staff's salary.
  2. REVAMP NEWSLETTER - this is long overdue but we'll be focusing on sending at least a monthly newsletter to everyone again.
  3. DEVELOP ONLINE CHANNELS - our focus ever since has been our stockists and although we have our website, we only put in the bare bones of it. We can do better. Also, a lot of people have been encouraging us to explore shipping to other markets by setting up shops such as Etsy, etc. It's something we'll really look at during this time. 
  4. CONTINUE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT - one thing that hasn't stopped is product development launching in Q2. So we'll continue doing that and hopefully, we can share these with you in the coming weeks or months!

Thank you again for your continued support. We hope that you can continue supporting small businesses as well.

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