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Flatlay 101

Wander On Flatlay

Ever since Instagram launched, photography has definitely upped its game. Back in the days when touch phones were non-existent, we never really cared much about lifestyle photography, #feedgoals, and personal aesthetics. But today, we not only want to snap and Instagram-story what’s right in front us but also what surrounds us -- in a curated sort of fashion. We catch random scenarios of people carrying a bag of items, sorting out an organized mess, and standing up on chairs with their phones or camera in a bird’s eye view. This is basically Flatlay Photography, made famous because of Instagram’s square frame. It may sound easy and look effortless but it sure takes a lot of one-woman work. Don’t fuss though because we’ve got some tips for you to bring up your photography A-game and flatlay like a #pro.

  1. First, grab one or two items as the subject for your flatlay. It can be anything you want to share: your current read, your OOTD, or your new Punchdrunk Panda foldable backpack.
  2. Now that you have your centerpiece, look for items that complement its color. With the Wander On Foldable Backpack, for example, try to balance out the three neon hues by choosing pastel-colored items. Keep in mind that you don’t want to compete for space or focus so choose items that are smaller than the subject to make the flat lay look more detailed.
  3. Once you’ve gathered everything, choose a neutral background for your flat lay. Basic white would be best but, depending on your subject, you can also play around with a wooden base, marble table, or faux fur. If you don’t have a white surface, you can always make do with a white cartolina, illustration board or blanket.
  4. Aside from working with a color palette, you must also stick to a narrative. It can be as simple as “My January Favorites” or as creative as “What’s Inside My Bag.” With a theme in mind, you can cancel out the items that don’t work well with your story. With the Wander On Backpack, you can showcase your “Travel Essentials,” cueing in your Mimosa Passport Wallet, Summer Fun Pencil Case, sunnies, earphones, and your pocket book.
  5. Before you start laying your items out, look for natural light, minimizing the shadows in your shot. Assemble under the sun or by your window. Then, imagine a square frame, let it be your guide, and arrange your items “inside” it. You can always check with your phone’s lens to see if the layout looks A-ok.
  6. Working with the space that you have, you can lay out the items in a proportional manner or you can style your travel-themed flat lay as if the essentials are coming out of the Wander On Backpack. Whatever layout you decide to do, keep your lines clean and symmetrical and create space between each item. Keep the flat lay simple and not too crowded nor complicated as well. The shot should look effortless so play around, add, remove, and rearrange until you’re happy.

And there you have it! Now, step up on a stool if you have to, get the bird’s eye view, snap your shot, and edit!

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