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Fun Things To Do Over The Holidays

Aside from your annual Christmas family dinners and barkada Secret Santas, plan out something enjoyable and creative for yourself or with your friends and family before your Christmas break ends, and make the most of your free days with these productive and fun-filled activities:

Christmas Bazaar

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Support proudly local brands and visit Christmas bazaars for your last-minute holiday shopping needs. Here’s a list of bazaars in the metro that you can still gladly visit before the holidays are over:

  1. Trendsetter’s Bazaar: December 16 to 21, Metrotent Convention Center,Pasig City
  2. Manila Sundance Bazaar : December 20 to 21, Glorietta Activity Center, Makati
  3. World Bazaar Festival 2016: December 3 to 23, World Trade Centre
  4. Rockwell’s Holiday Bazaar: December 15 to 23, Rockwell Powerplant Mall
  5. Katipunan Weekend Market: December 21 to 23, Christmas at Estancia, Capitol Commons
  6. The Grand Holiday Bazaar: December 21 to 30, Glorietta Activity Center
  7. Manila Ocean Park’s Christmas Bazaar: December 1 to 30, Manila Ocean Park


Learn a home recipe. Instead of eating out or waiting for your meals to be prepared, why not surprise your family and friends by preparing and cooking your traditional Christmas roast chicken dinner or excite them with a Georgetown Cupcake recipe hack. Whatever you decide to cook or bake, keep your newly-learned recipes organized with our functional and quirky organizers.

Amusement Park

Go to an amusement park. Take your duffle bag with you, pack up your water bottle and theme park essentials, and enjoy an adrenaline-filled bonding day with your cousins at Enchanted Kingdom, Star City, or Tagaytay Sky Ranch. If your family’s not up for roller coaster rides, pack up your multi-way backpack, make a morning drop-by and revisit your favorite aquatic friends at Manila Ocean Park or Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay. For those of you who are kids-at-heart, the Mind Museum or Kidzania Manila would sure add simple pleasure to your holiday break

Practice Photography

Practice your photography skills. Now that your camera strap comes in handy, do a fun shoot with your friends while you’re enjoying the theme park or just relaxing in your backyard. Up your Insta-game and practice on your flatlays with your really cute Christmas gift (like the Punchdrunk Panda phone case) or your current read as prop. Play with shadows and lights through your bedroom window and create soft red and blue hues with colorful cellophane paper as reflectors. The world of photography is a whole ‘nother venture just awaiting to be explored.

Room Redecoration

Redecorate your room. The new year always calls for a clean slate, a fresh start -- and maybe this time, so does your bedroom. Stick to a certain theme, decide on your color palette and create an inspiration board to stick to your visualized look. Rearrange your furniture with the bed as a focal point, have a sweet space for keepsakes that make you smile, and touch up with your personality in mind.


Paint. Perhaps you might just want to stay at home but you also refuse to stay in bed and binge-watch on Netflix? Then go grab yourself a canvas, play with watercolor or acrylic paint, and just get creative. Adult coloring books make a good start too if you’re hesitant to work on something from scratch. Not only is painting more productive but it’s also a stress reliever and a mood booster. Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, keep your paint brushes and colored pencils in place with our adorable and handy pencil case.

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