• Getting Crafty: Easy and Quirky Craft Ideas for Halloween!
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Getting Crafty: Easy and Quirky Craft Ideas for Halloween!

Holiday season is the perfect time to go all out with decorating your home with numerous DIY projects tailored for each holiday. We’ve gathered several options for your Halloween decor below so keep scrolling!

Pumpkin Owls

These cute little owls can just be perched next to your door or on your side table. Prepare some black and brown cupcake holders and pumpkins that will serve as your owl’s head and body.

Paper Cutouts

Spooky Cutouts

The classic paper garland levels up for Halloween with spiders, skulls, and bones. Have some construction papers in orange, black, and gray prepared with your trusty scissors. Fold them according to the instructions found in this article and make sure to mark them in 4 to 5-inch intervals. Then trace or freehand draw the shape you want on one side of the folded papers. Once you’ve done that, get to cutting! You can make a longer garland by repeating these steps and gluing the ends together.

Paper Jack-o-Lanterns

Jack O Lattern

For an inexpensive Jack-o-Lantern, use materials you have lying around the house! These Jack-o-Lanterns only requires paper and a bit of creative folding.

Bug Soaps

Bug Soap

Get freaky clean with these clear bug soaps. Buy some plastic insects and a soap mold beforehand.

Black Bat Sock Puppet

Bat Sock Puppet

If you have a younger sibling or cousin, surprise them with a bat sock puppet! Get an old black sock you no longer use and follow these simple steps.

Jack-o-Lantern Luminarias

Jack O Lantern Luminarias

Light them up and leave them to greet your visitors. You only need two orange paper bags and a votive candle (the non-flame, battery-operated kind) to make them. Freehand draw or trace the Jack-o-Lantern’s eyes, nose, and smile on the paper bag you plan on putting inside. Carefully cut out the features and then put the cut bag inside the other one. Place the candle inside and see it light up your Jack-o-Lantern’s face!

Colorful Candy Cones

Colorful Candy Cones

Give out candies in these cones! Candy corn is a popular treat handed out to trick or treaters during Halloween, though it is available year-round. Get some orange, yellow, and white construction paper and glue them according to the proportions of candy corn. Roll them up into a cone, glue or tape it close, then fill it up with Halloween goodies!

And when you’re done, make sure to keep your craft tools in PdP’s organizers. It’ll preserve its condition in the long run, and look cute in your drawers and shelves. Keep them safe for your next holiday DIY session (Christmas, perhaps?) Let’s keep that burst of creativity flowing!

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