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Getting through the Mid-Sem Slump

Getting through the Mid-Sem Slump

You’re counting the days until the end of the school year, you’re finding it harder to wake up every morning, you’re going through the days just waiting until the moment you can go home and sleep.

The mid-sem slump is here, that time of the school year when your motivation flat lines and all you’re looking forward to is ending a long day filled with academics and extracurricular activities. On these days, things just feel uninspiring and unexciting that you’re just looking for the next thing that brightens your day and keeps your inspiration up. Every day is just getting more and more redundant.

But now’s not the time for your momentum to run dry, it’s time to push yourself to get through this bump on the road and pull yourself up!

Time to change routine, pick up a book, try a new snack, study in a different coffee shop. Take that Romantic Vintage Backpack and bring it somewhere unknown. Something that will keep you alert and expectant of new things. Something new is bound to happen, and maybe a new routine will do the trick.

Make plans and go out with friends, especially the ones you haven’t seen in awhile, use the energy from your random catch up to push you to study a little more afterwards. Maybe you need to waste a little time to be aware of the time.

Exercise so that not just your mind, but your body is active as well. Maybe it’s about time you pack your duffle bag and hit the gym again, or went jogging nearby.

Purchase something and feel fulfilled, nothing is more invigorating than opening up a newly purchased item and actually using it. The Wander On Pencil Case will surely excite you into organizing your things and being a little productive throughout the day.

Lastly, remind yourself of what you’re here for and what you’re trying to achieve. Whether it be something as simple as passing the semester or being cum laude when graduation comes along, remind yourself that all this academic and extracurricular work is worth it. That one day you’re actually going to appreciate all of it, and one day, you’re going to look at all of this and it will all have been for something greater.

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